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News: Delphine Jubillar alive? This element that revives hope

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 Strong Ducati-Longruns: Is Bautista for the danger to Razgatlioglu and Rea? © Ducati Alvaro Bautista claimed at the Test Contant in the Top 3 at the preseason testing of the Superbike World Cup pointed out that it will come to a three-fight in the 2022 season. World Champion Toprak Razgatlioglu (Yamaha) and Ex-Champion Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki) are clearly expecting Ducati returner Alvaro Bautista. Also at the final test in Aragon, Bautista drove with the Panigale V4R strong lap times. At the end, Bautista landed at position three ( to the test report and lap times ).

Delphine Jubillar en vie ? Cet élément qui fait renaître l’espoir © Screenshot Facebook Delphine Jubillar alive? This element that revives hope The investigating judges have requested a new expertise of the Delphine Jubillar telephone, according to the dispatch. The latter would have activated several times in the night of his disappearance. Triggers that require "human action".

is an new mystery that is added to this affair of France since mid-December 2020. While the investigators seem persuaded that Cédric Jubillar killed his wife, Delphine, who no longer given Sign of life Since the night from December 15th to 16th, 2020, a new element relate the hope to see, one day, this mother in life. according to the despatch , the judges of instruction, Audrey Assemat and Coalyne Chartier, have ordered new expertise on a Huawei P30 PRO telephone, the same as Delphine Jubillar, which remains not found since the beginning of the 'affair. The latter would be triggered several times the night of the nurse's disappearance . Huawei, solicited in 2021 by the gendarmes on the reasons for such activations, says that activations "necessarily require human action and unlocking the device" , as reports the daily. In the night of the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar, between 0h07 and 6h52, his phone triggers to

Images show Ukrainian soldiers completing Russian soldiers

 Images show Ukrainian soldiers completing Russian soldiers © Genya Savilov / AFP Illustration Image. Ukrainian soldiers pass in front of Russian armored vehicles destroyed in the village of Dmytrivka. images posted on Telegram At the beginning of the week - CAUTION The content is very violent - have circulated a lot on social networks. They would show Ukrainian soldiers completing Russian military captured in the kyiv region.

six times

: activation of the WhatsApp application (0h09), WhatsApp Camera activated (1h33), multiple triggers of the interface of the interface The device (0h07, 1h03, 6h52). However, according to the gendarmes responsible for the investigation, the mother of family would have been assaulted around 23h. cries strident would have been heard by a neighbor and Louis, the thread of the couple, reported to the gendarmes that his parents had argued . Another element could arrange the defense of Cédric Jubillar, the main suspect placed in pre-trial detention since last June: the last time the phone of his wife, with whom he was pending divorce, was triggered, he was in company Gendarmes who carried out the first findings at the family home after the latter reported the disappearance of his wife. The same expertise requested ago one year If the new expertise confirms, as indicated by the Chinese phone brand, which it necessarily need a human intervention to trigger the device,

Delphine Wespisis background in tears and pushes a shot in touch not to my post

 Delphine Wespisis background in tears and pushes a shot in touch not to my post © Capture C8 Delphine Wespisted in tears and pushes a shot in touch not to my post this Thursday 7 April in touch not to My post, Delphine Wespiser melted into tears as she reacted a video showing the police killing a dangerous dog. Wednesday, April 6, the police intervened in a district of Champigny-sur-Marne after the call for help from a teenager victim of a dog bite. Once arrived on the spot, the police witnessed the aggression by an American Staff of another young woman.

the hope to review Delphine Jubillar Along living would be again

. A year ago, the same expertise had already been requested by justice. However, the experts had estimated that did not have enough time to lead their mission. The results of their study were expected before the interpellation of Cédric Jubillar, as specified by the dispatch. An interpellation that led to an pursuance of the plated craftsman for murder on spouse. to read also Delphine Jubillar disappearance: Cédric in tears when he warned the gendarmes - Gala

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