News: Spy satellites, a decisive tool against war crimes

Images show Ukrainian soldiers completing Russian soldiers

 Images show Ukrainian soldiers completing Russian soldiers © Genya Savilov / AFP Illustration Image. Ukrainian soldiers pass in front of Russian armored vehicles destroyed in the village of Dmytrivka. images posted on Telegram At the beginning of the week - CAUTION The content is very violent - have circulated a lot on social networks. They would show Ukrainian soldiers completing Russian military captured in the kyiv region.

  Les satellites espions, un outil décisif contre les crimes de guerre © Leon Klein / Anadolu Agency / Anadolu Agency via AFP

C ' is one of the direct consequences of the war in Ukraine. As international mail explains, the role of commercial spy satellites has increased considerably since the beginning of the Russian invasion in the country on February 24. In particular, producing high resolution photographs and radar images of the Russian army movements, these technologies, used by international bodies and human rights organizations, come to investigate war crimes and targeting civilians by the Russian armed forces, to Boutha and Maroupol in particular.

concretely, since the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, commercial spy satellites harvest images on the different public bombed places, such as schools and hospitals, and also contribute to identifying military units that would have been guilty of targeting directly from civilians. The data collected allows the investigators of the International Criminal Court and the United Nations, sent on the ground, to rely on evidence before possible trial.

According to SZ: Adenauer is supposed to spy at the SPD tip for years

 According to SZ: Adenauer is supposed to spy at the SPD tip for years According to a report of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic, Konrad Adenauer (CDU), can be spied on the SPD for almost ten years with the help of an informant in the party tip. The prove according to "SZ" newly discovered historical documents. © Picture-Alliance / DPA The first Chancellor of the Federal Republic, Konrad Adenauer (here in 1949), the SPD top should have spied on for many years.

"There is truth in the image," said Steve Butow, in charge of spatial imaging for the Defense Innovation Unit, a Pentagon agency, at the Grand Annual Gathering of the Patrons of the Space Industry, who was held in early April in the United States. "We know where hospitals are, schools, and the analysis of our data shows that these are very specific sites that are targeted. This is not Western propaganda. [Satellites] are able to show very exactly what happens on the ground, "he also explains

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" The investigation begins "now"

recently, The International Criminal Court has opened a survey on war crimes in Ukraine. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, also called on the international community to coordinate to gather evidence, denouncing the destruction of civilian areas and rapes and other human rights violations that Russian soldiers would have committed.

Germany wants to strengthen civil protection

 Germany wants to strengthen civil protection It is a reaction to the war in Ukraine. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser wants to expand the civil protection and stop the degradation of existing protective equipment immediately.

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international mail also highlights that commercial spy satellites are now an integral part of armed conflict around the world, with spectacular technical progress in recent years with the improvement of the resolution of the images. The case of the war in Ukraine is specific because the survey can be carried out in real time because satellite data are now free of access and no longer reserved only for intelligence agencies.

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"The trials may not be held immediately, but the investigation, it begins now. Real-time information is harvested, and investigators get to work even as the conflict is raging, "says our colleagues Andrew Zolli, the specialized company Planet Labs. Commercial spy satellites are therefore more than ever a decisive tool to argue to denounce war crimes and their use should expand and improve in the coming decades.

dispute over weapons deliveries: "Since the traffic light is just a bit high" .
, especially SPD and FDP, most recently discussed violently about Ukraine policy. Two prominent deputies are now trying to smooth the waves. © Photo: Chris Emil Janßen / Imago shows the chancellor too rarely the way in Ukraine policy? At least if he stretched his finger on a campaign event in Lübeck. In the dispute of the traffic light coalition for a yes or no serious weapons for Ukraine, foreign politicians of FDP and SPD have now vitigently expressed.

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