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News: live: Ultimatum of Russia to Ukrainian soldiers present at Maroupol

Russian head of government promises economy new loans

 Russian head of government promises economy new loans The Russian government has placed further aids from western sanctions. © Alexander Astafyev / Pool Sputnik Government / ap / dpa Pool image published by the State Russian news agency Sputnik shows Michail Mischustin, Prime Minister of Russia. Prime Minister Mikhail Mischustin explained on Thursday in front of the Russian Parliament, the Government provides subsidies of 120 billion rubles (1.3 billion euros) for lending. With the money banks are to be supported to grant low-interest loans.

Des militaires de la milice de la République populaire de Donetsk passent devant des immeubles d’appartements endommagés près de l’usine métallurgique d’Illich Iron & Steel Works, la deuxième plus grande entreprise métallurgique en Ukraine, dans une zone contrôlée par les forces séparatistes soutenues par la Russie à Marioupol, Ukraine, le samedi 16 avril 2022. © Alexei Alexandrov of the military military of the People's Republic of Donetsk pass in front of damaged apartment buildings near the Illich Metallurgical factory Iron & Steel Works, the second largest metallurgical company in Ukraine, in a zone controlled by the separatist forces supported by Russia in Maroupol, Ukraine, Saturday, April 16, 2022.

at the 53nd day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine On Sunday, April 17, Russia called the Ukrainian soldiers still fighting Maroupol to go to 06:00, Moscow time, 03h00 you, promising their life saves.

► Moscow blocked the RFI website, which broadcast information in about fifteen languages, including Russian. An alternative URL allows access to the site in French and Russian. RFI in Russian is also available on Telegram:, via a VPN and Russia in French satellite on Hotbird.

Video: Influencin cuts luxury handbag - reason makes speechless

 Video: Influencin cuts luxury handbag - reason makes speechless a video shows how the actress and influencin Victoria Bonya cuts her chanel bag. Other consequences of your example. The backgrounds. © Emma McIntyre / Getty Images Victoria Bonya "I've never seen a fire that is so disrespectful with your customers," says Victoria Bonya, standing on a sumptuous terrace in the evening sun in the camera. In one hand, it has a chanel bag made of black leather, in the other a rough kitchen scissors.

► The RFI Russian Writing website broadcasts Ukrainian public radio (in Ukrainian language) Since the

home page The essential points:

► The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksy has warned that "the elimination" of the last Ukrainian soldiers present in the port city of Maroup besieged by the Russian forces "put an end to any peace negotiation" with Moscow, which affirms on his side control the almost all of the city.

►The situation in the strategic port is "inhuman," said Ukrainian president on Saturday night, calling the Westerners to provide "immediately" heavy weapons he has been calling for several weeks.

► Russia announces that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and several other British senior officials are forbidden from in the country, after London had imposed sanctions in Moscow because of his military operation in Ukraine.

construction industry under cost printing

 construction industry under cost printing Price increases on the commodity markets, which are not least at the war in Ukraine, force the German construction industry to consequences. © Frank Rumpenhorst / DPA Sand promotion in a pit in Mittelhessen - The Central Association of the German construction industry demands among other things the increased use of domestic raw materials.

► The Ukrainian president said Friday night on CNN that between 2,500 and 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers had died since the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, adding that another 10,000 had been injured.

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04:47: Marie Dumoulin, Director of the Extended Europe Program Within the European Foreign Relations Council, analyzes the challenges of arms delivery to Ukraine, claimed by the President Zelensky.

01h15: The new sanctions will target Sperbanck, announces Ursula von der Leyen

"We look further on the banking sector, especially on Sberbank, which represents 37% of the Russian banking sector. There are also energy issues, "said Ursula von der Leyen in Dominical Bild Am Sonntag, who asked him to detail the key points of the new sanctions.

The EU has, for the moment, spared the largest bank in Russia because it represents, with Gazprombank, one of the main channels of payment of oil and Russian gas, that the Bloc countries buy despite the conflict in Ukraine.

The President of the European Commission added that the EU was developing "intelligent mechanisms" so that oil is also included in the new sanctions.

00H00: The daily address of President Zelensky in Ukrainians, subtitled in English

Spy satellites, a decisive tool against war crimes .
© Leon Klein / Anadolu Agency / Anadolu Agency via AFP C ' is one of the direct consequences of the war in Ukraine. As international mail explains, the role of commercial spy satellites has increased considerably since the beginning of the Russian invasion in the country on February 24.

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