News: cost increase brings craft sectors in a difficult situation

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craftsman President Hans Peter Wollseifer sees the companies in the industry in a difficult situation. "The companies and companies in the craft are very unsettled by the situation as a whole, especially due to the shortage of materials and exorbitant price increases, through dramatic energy price increases and inflation," he told the German press agency in Berlin. Wollseifer asked the federal government to relief.

Hans Peter Wollseifer, Präsident des Zentralverbands des Deutschen Handwerks (ZDH), sitzt bei einem Interview mit der Deutschen Presse-Agentur dpa im Haus des Deutschen Handwerks. © Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa Hans Peter Wollseifer, President of the Central Association of the German Crafts (ZDH), sits in an interview with the German Press Agency dpa in the Haus des Deutschen Handwerk.

two months ago almost half of the craft businesses of at least one doubling the energy costs reported, he said. «Now it will probably be much more. It is difficult to make cost calculations reliably in such a situation. We cannot pass on these costs at the same amount as we have incurred to the customers - especially the public sector. All of this means that many orders can only be met as a minus business, which cannot withstand any operations in the long run. »

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up to complete production failures

also adds that there are more and more cancellations and order shifts. “A number of companies, for example, even struggles with complete production failures, for example, because steel and bitumen are not available. We have big problems in the car trade because spare parts are not available. All of this brings many companies to the brink of existence. That is now worried about the craft. »

It is therefore very important that the Federal Government is now doing its possible possible to support the affected craft businesses so that they come through this difficult time, said the President of the Central Association of German Crafts. «We do not expect the state to cushion all risks. He cannot dampen all price developments with public funds. But where the state helps with support programs, the small and medium -sized businesses must not be left out. We have an imbalance, especially when it comes to energy costs. It cannot be that you only get to whether a company is internationally oriented and is in international competition. »

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at the material prices said Wollseifer said that the wood would have settled at a high level at the moment. «This is far from the case in other areas, for example in metals. The prices continue to shoot up. This also applies to plastics and insulation materials. This is not calculable for the companies in the long term. »

measures are not enough for

It is good if the BUND prescribes price slide clauses for public buildings - but not sufficient because this signal has obviously not arrived at the states and municipalities. «Our companies tell us that only about 10 percent of the municipalities are willing to incorporate price sliding clauses into current contracts or new contracts. It is not surprising that many of our companies are not necessarily motivated to participate in public tenders. »

significantly fewer offers would be made. "In the long run, it cannot be in the interests of the municipalities and countries that our companies are likely to conclude contracts for deficit orders, and that they will not survive it with long -running orders," said Wollseifer. The municipalities and countries should show accommodation here. «It cannot be desired that many companies go into bankruptcy on site. Then there is no taxpayers, then the service for the municipality is missing. So we hope that the federal government will make specific recommendations for action here. »

With a view to the next meeting of Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), which was planned in September, with employers and unions said Wollseifer that the state should not put further burdens on the companies during this time. For example, he called the supply chain duty law or an increase in social contributions.

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