News: A thief hides in a giant plush bear so as not to be built

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Avec le récit de cette affaire insolite, la police de Manchester n'a jamais été aussi populaire sur Facebook. | Bucography via Unsplash © with the story of this unusual affair, the Manchester police have never been so popular on ... with the story of this case Unusual, Manchester police have never been so popular on Facebook. | Bucography via Unsplash

No luck for Joshua Dobson: objectively, he seemed to have found the best possible parade to escape the Manchester Police . But let's start at the beginning: a few months ago, this 18 -year -old Briton stole a car, before filling out of gas without paying. And all this when he did not have a driving license.

The BBC tells that in July, having finally identified and located the suspect of this triple mischief, the English police have undertaken to search a house located in Rochdale, less than 20 kilometers from Manchester, to try to put their hands on him. To his surprise, one of the police officers responsible for passing the premises ended up falling on "a giant bear who was breathing".

landmark and bike tours: Google brings three new MAPS features

 landmark and bike tours: Google brings three new MAPS features Who thinks that there is nothing to improve on "Google Maps", the invoice has made the IT giant developer. You have come up with three new functions that invite you to explore details on the screen. They mainly use artificial intelligence to get even more out of the service. These are the three new features of "Google Maps". © BITTUNAONLINE / Google donates Sightseeing Thanks to KI for several years, "Maps" ( Android / iOS ) users to upload photos of any locations.

Indeed, the places sheltered a plush plantigrade not far from 2 meters, which did not seem quite inanimate. Inside was hiding Joshua Dobson who, having apparently planned, had emptied the animal of part of its padding in order to hide inside.

The man was arrested by the authorities and delivered to justice. He finally received a sentence of nine months' imprisonment, to serve in a center for young delinquents, as Metro relates.

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on his side, the Mancunian police did not hesitate to tell this very singular arrest on the networks Social , and took the opportunity to engage in a keeper competition unfortunately difficult or even impossible to translate into French.

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publication shared from Facebook

in its publication Facebook , the police do not hesitate to invent the word "Bearely" (mixture of "barely", which means "barely", and " Bear ", which means" bear "), as well as the expression" Stuffed Behind Bars "(which can be translated as" stuffed behind bars ", pun based on the fact that" Stuffed "also designates animals in plush).

In short, everyone seems to have had a good time, except Joshua Dobson and this poor Teddy Bear.

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