News: Auto collides with breakdown vehicle on A19: Several injuries

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 Premier League: Tuchel: Chelsea stars think No. 9 for Last season striker Romelu Lukaku had number 9 on his back. However, the Belgian was unable to convince and after only one season it started back to Inter Milan. © provided by SPOX Last season Romelu Lukaku wore No. 9 at Chelsea FC. more with SPOX Haaland is looking forward to "A little pain" when asked why nobody claimed the number for themselves, Tuchel replied on Friday: "She is cursed! People tell me that it is cursed.

in an accident on the 19 Rostock-Berlin motorway were seriously injured on Sunday evening. As a police spokesman said, there was a different car with a high speed between the Kavelstorf and Laage (district of Rostock district) (Rostock district), which had stopped there because of a breakdown. According to previous findings, at least three people were seriously injured in the accessing car, probably also children.

Ein Pfeil weist den Weg zur Notaufnahme eines Krankenhauses. © Julian Stratenschulte/dpa/symbol image An arrow shows the way to the emergency room of a hospital.

Further details are not yet known, it said. The highway was closed to the south to rescue the vehicles and to investigate the cause of the accident for several hours. On Sunday there was lively return travel in the Rostock region from the weekend from the Baltic Sea to the south.

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