News: Mobility for everyone: Rome is supposed to be barrier -free

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For people with disabilities, this can be a terrible experience in the Italian capital. According to the applicable legal provisions of 1986, the Italian communities are obliged to remove all structural barriers - but only less than 5 % of the municipalities have actually done something. People with restricted mobility are often the first to B. have to pay the price for waste disposal problems of a city, because the garbage often stands in the way.

years of mismanagement

Rome's new mayor Roberto Gualtieri has promised to redesign the capital and tackle some of its long-term problems with the help of the anniversary and development funds.

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years of mismanagement and a lack of maintenance work have severely affected public transport services in the city.

Dario Dongo is a lawyer and founder of " Egalité ", an association that works for the rights of disabled people in Italy and especially in Rome. He has reported ATAC (ROM's administration for local public transport) several times at the local authorities because of the poor services for the disabled. Euronews accompanied the activist and watched his daily fight.

high stairs, holes in the sidewalk or missing ramps: Dario Dongo's locomotion in Rome is a daily fight. Much of what others do not even perceive becomes obstacles for him, which often force him to drive in the middle of the street:

"I'm very frustrated, not necessarily personally, but as a member of a community - especially if I am to people Think less luck than me, "says Dongo. "People who are more fragile or have more severe forms of disabilities than I have or have less resources. Over the years, they are forced to arise as if this is an inevitable fate, they are robbed of their fundamental rights."

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Dario Dongo im Gespräch mit euronews-Reporterin Giorgia Orlandi euronews © provided by Euronews Deutsch Dario Dongo in conversation with Euronews reporter Giorgia Orlandi Euronews Every day is full of obstacles

A ride to Rome's historical center illustrates its frustration: When it comes to the destination, it is fixed because it is fixed because The stairlift does not work. After a waiting time of more than 30 minutes, he is asked to change the station. It also becomes difficult on the Colosseum: Rome's cobblestone is not for wheelchair users.

years of neglect is one of the reasons why the system does not work as it should. Eugenio Patanè, deputy mayor, responsible in the city administration for mobility: "In the past 14 years, our systems and infrastructures have not been serviced and not renewed. We have started a difficult heritage. We have to work on it in the next three years to do everything again In order to do it. That means new investments and means that we have thanks to the development plan and the upcoming anniversary. Now we only have to implement them. We have to organize tenders and carry out appropriate maintenance, but above all we need planning . "

Despite all the obstacles, Dario Dongo does not give up his daily traditional movement: "This is the only way to change things, especially if you put pressure from below. Everyone should be able to assume that things work as they should , otherwise they will never be put in order. "

recently changed the line at ATAC to improve their efficiency. The funds from Italy's economic stimulus program and the funds for the 2025 anniversary offer a unique opportunity to transform the Italian capital into a city for everyone in which it is much easier to live.

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