News: Multi -production for ID.Buzz? - VW in Hanover "full"

coalport porters demand longer power plant operations

 coalport porters demand longer power plant operations The association of cabbage porters (VDKI) insists on more planning security for the use of coal for electricity generation in the energy crisis. This is important to create the necessary capacities for the envelope in European seaports, but also for transport, the association emphasized. © Peter Endig/DPA central picture/dpa To save gas, the federal government temporarily relies on more coal stream. He sees no problem to get enough coal to the European ports, said VdKi CEO Alexander Bethe.

because of the high demand for the ID.Buzz, the Volkswagen Urzank Daughter VWN is expanding to expand parts of the production. However, many customers will have to wait a while for the electric buses ordered. At the VWN headquarters in Hanover, the new model "is initially equipped for a capacity of up to 130,000 per year," said brand boss Carsten Intra of the German Press Agency. Up to 150,000 units annually can be reached here. Also because the Audi and Bentley projects are being prepared, the space is limited.

Ein Volkswagen Elektrobus ID.Buzz in der Autostadt am Volkswagen Stammwerk. © Julian Stratenschulte/dpa A Volkswagen Elektrobus ID.Buzz in the Autostadt am Volkswagen Stammwerk.

"However, we could well imagine setting up a turntable for the ID.Buzz in one of our two works in Poland," the manager indicated. It was not a full production, but for example, about individual areas of the manufacturing process.

Tesla continues to plan battery factory in Germany

 Tesla continues to plan battery factory in Germany The US electric car maker Tesla continues to focus on battery supplies in Germany - but because of the prospect of tax incentives, the priority is first putting the USA. The company made this clear to partners in the Grünheide region near Berlin on Friday. Tesla did not comment on request. © Patrick Pleul/DPA central picture Pool/dpa Tesla boss Elon Musk takes part in the opening of the Tesla-Fabrik Berlin Brandenburg.

The VWN boss has presented the fully electric "Bulli" successor at the IAA transportation. First deliveries of the ID.Buzz start in October. So far, almost 14,000 copies have been in the order book - for the most part of customers, "who have not yet driven the car or have seen it in Natura," said Intra. "There is a great advance of trust." Around 6000 ID.Buzz would first have to go to dealers as a demonstration and exhibition models. "That is why we are at the moment at about half a year of delivery." This could extend if the cars in the market trigger additional demand.

No concrete considerations

developed the orders that could continue to be used, this could also be made technologically important for the VW group by other locations. However, there is no concrete considerations next to Poland, Intra said: "If you also wanted to invest in production in the USA or China, 50,000 to 60,000 vehicles would also be needed as a planning basis." Despite the customer interest, such a size is not yet seen. Volkswagen also looks particularly at the US market with the ID.Buzz, where the original model was popular as a “flower power car”.

Energy crisis: Emirates will provide Germany with liquefied gas and diesel

 Energy crisis: Emirates will provide Germany with liquefied gas and diesel The Germans wish to do without Russian gas as quickly as possible, and will supply themselves to the Near East © Bernd Thissen The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz ( On the left), in front of a turbine from Nordstream 1, the pipeline which links Germany to Russia for the supply of gas. Fossil Energies - The Germans wish to do without Russian gas as quickly as possible, and will supply themselves to the Near East direction the Near East.

2023 is the production goal for the new electric car 80,000 to 100,000 units, Intra announced - «Although towards the end of next year we want to come to our target number in the continued high run, which is around 130,000 pieces». Apart from the function as a kind of leisure, fun and family car as well as the cargo variant for craftsmen or service technician, VW wants to poach with the ID.Buzz also with “Lifestyle buyers” like SUV customers. "There are certainly some who say: The ID.Buzz has a lot of space, it is fully electric and it is different," says Intra. He believes that the car does not compete with the normal Multivan.

The conversion of the VWN main work took a lot of time. Like Zwickau or Emden, it should later be reserved for e-mobility. This means a great further training effort for the workforce. At the ID.Buzz, one is now completely "trained through", said Intra. A total of around 4,000 colleagues had recently participated in the factory and “very well received” the offers.

Auto supplier: At Continental, there is still a lot to clarify

 Auto supplier: At Continental, there is still a lot to clarify © provided by Wirtschaftswoche nodes in the hose: At Continental, contaminated hoses probably take care of the next scandal after the diesel gate. Photo: Prdata portal copyright = The scandal for dirty hoses is just picking up speed. Now a former Daimler man has to show what he really can. The former Daimler man Frank Vießmann is not even in office for the supplier Continental for a year.

Robot takes over

in the factory there are areas in which robots now do over 90 percent of the tasks. A central project of the next few years is also the construction of production units for electrical SUV models of other group brands. The Artemis project is about a complete car for Audi, and the platform for a large fully electric Audi model is to be created here. Two models from the British upper class offshore Bentley get bodies and painting at VWN, the interior makes the luxury brand itself.

Porsche - first also during the planning - changes to Leipzig. "It was a purely technical decision," said Intra. «Because the drive, shell and electrics will be different with the Porsche model. There are also larger synergies. » In Hanover, it will also be "full -border" with the now decided occupancy. Along the demographic development, the number of employees here is to drop from around 14,000 to just over 10,000 at the end of the decade. "We already see that we will stay in this corridor without the Porsche project."

Energy companies must pay .
Energy companies in the EU to relieve the relief in view of the increased prices to pay off households. The EU Minister of Energy approved an emergency package on Friday. On the one hand, binding goals for saving electricity are agreed. © Virginia Mayo/AP/DPA Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (M) with the Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto (L) and the Dutch Minister of Energy Rob Jetten at the meeting in Brussels.

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