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News: Conspiracy to Frankfurt Stock Exchange: Dax turns something into the plus

FED protocol gives DAX buoyancy

 FED protocol gives DAX buoyancy The protocol of the latest US Federal Reserve meeting will continue to be buoyancy at a high level on Thursday. In addition, the IFO business climate, the most important German economic barometer, brightened more strongly than experts expected. The German leading index reached another high since the beginning of June in the first trading lesson and recently won 0.77 percent to 14,539.04 points. He has won almost 23 percent since his year at the end of September.

before the weekend, investors are waiting for job data from the USA on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

DANIEL ROLAND/AFP/Getty Images © provided by Daniel Roland/AFP/Getty Images

The DAX opened with a minus of 0.17 percent at 14,465.70 points and now moves in the profit zone and lies 0.13 percent to 14,509, 72 points too.

US labor market in view of the

highlight of the last trading day of the week are US working market data. "The rather weakly unusual labor market report of the private ADP agency has already shown where the journey could go," said Thomas Altmann from the asset manager QC Partners. The market connoisseur estimates that the number of newly created positions in November could have been as low as in the late 2020.

airports rely on CT scanners for faster luggage controls

 airports rely on CT scanners for faster luggage controls 100 milliliters has so far been the limit for liquids in flight hand luggage. New technology could make the restriction unnecessary and slowly arrives at German airports. © Alex Tino Friedel/ATF Pictures/Government of Upper Bavaria/dpa (symbolic photo) Passengers can hope for more convenient and faster controls of the hand luggage in the future. New control tracks and luggage scanners are to be purchased for around 45 million euros.

The labor market data is important for the monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve Fed. Fed boss Jerome Powell recently underpinned the perspective of smaller interest steps : According to a series of interest rate increases by 0.75 percentage points, half a percentage point at the upcoming session is priced in than in the courses. According to market observer Michael Hewson from the Broker CMC, the question is what comes afterwards.

Caution in the stock market?

The Credit Suisse currently encounters the stock markets "with caution". In times of economic weakening, profitability is a challenge for companies that could "lead to headwind and volatility ". With its increase by more than 20 percent since mid -October, the DAX has priced in a lot of hope - possibly too much, as the experts of the asset manager Pictet warned the previous day as part of their annual outlook.

Christkindl markets in Bavaria are happy about many visitors .
Munich-after two years of Corona break, people flock to the Christkindlmarkets in Bavaria again this year. © Angelika Warmuth/dpa After two years of Corona break, people flock back to the Christmas markets in Bavaria this year. Angelika Warmuth/dpa The operators are satisfied, said the managing director of the Bavarian State Association of Showmen and Market Merchant, Jürgen Wild, the German Press Agency in Munich .

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