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News: Chamomile: You will be amazed at what this plant can do!

How many nuclear power plants have really exploded so far?

 How many nuclear power plants have really exploded so far? They cost countless human life, they plunged world empires, they still influence our lives today - and yet many disasters are not known to the public. WDW about some of the unnoticed incidents in world history. © Danielprudek/iStock Nuclear power plant How many nuclear power plants have really exploded? Two places are in the history books as the epitome of the nuclear disaster: Chernobyl and Fukushima. They stand there for one reason: because it could not be covered up what happened.

The emergency shots on Saxony's hospitals have to struggle with overload and shortage of labor. "We perceive persistent problems in the emergency shots," said the spokesman for the Hospital Society Saxony, Friedrich R. Munich, at a survey by the German Press Agency. «Many emergency outpatient clinics are heavily overloaded. You have too few employees and if they fall ill, it can hardly be caught. » In addition, Corona pandemic is still very noticeable, especially among doctors and nurses, which therefore failed up to a quarter.

Ein Rettungswagen vor der Notaufnahme des Krankenhauses, welches zum Heinrich Braun Klinikum gehört. © Bodo Schackow/dpa A ambulance before the hospital's emergency room, which belongs to the Heinrich Braun Klinikum.

is also noticeable if, for example, resident doctors close their practice between public holidays and at Christmas and refer to the emergency rooms of the hospitals. "The result is often long waiting times among patients and additional burdens for hospital staff."

Scandi-Bob: This hyped hairstyle trend 2022 now all want to!

 Scandi-Bob: This hyped hairstyle trend 2022 now all want to! Do you want a change of hair? Then you should look at Scandinavia. Because from there comes an uncomplicated hairstyle trend , which everyone wants in autumn and winter 2022 . The Scandi-Bob is being hyped everywhere on social media. And not without reason! Find out below how the trend hairstyle 2022 looks around the Scandi bob and how you can style it.

In the Heinrich Braun Clinic Zwickau and Kirchberg, the emergency room is closed in the Kirchberg clinic part at the end of the year. The occupancy figures in the acute medicine areas of surgery, orthopedics and internal medicine have decreased there since 2016, it said in a message. Corona pandemic has strengthened this trend since 2020. In addition, there is a “relevant shortage of skilled workers” in the acute areas, which, despite all efforts and support from Zwickau, can no longer be compensated for, it was said.

Kirchberg is now to be increasingly being expanded into a specialist clinic for neurore habilitation. "In view of the developments at the Kirchberg location, it is indicated to realign the range of services across the location," said Karsten Fröhlich, the medical director of the clinic. Construction should begin next year.

Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, a creator of full-bodied elixirs

 Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, a creator of full-bodied elixirs Put the odors of the plants of the Corsican maquis in bottles, without distorting them. This is the challenge of this chemical perfumer, who distills wild and powerful juices. Born in Morocco in the middle of family orangeraies-its Azemour perfume tells this childhood to breathe wild herbs, the sand of the dunes and the citrus fields-, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato also carries Corsica in his heart.

In addition to the economic burdens, for example due to the increased energy prices, the Paracelsus Klinik Adorf/Schöneck in the Vogtland also has to deal with a shortage of labor, as Isabelle Georgi-Barth said from corporate communication. However, there was no permanent deregistration or closure of the emergency room in Adorf or Schöneck. However, it has already happened that individual stations or the emergency room at the control center were temporarily deregistered by the care and the patients were redirected to another house. One reason for bottlenecks could be if employees fall ill or stations such as the intensive care unit. During the covid waves, for example, it occurred occasionally that the covid station was fully occupied and had to be closed.

In the municipal clinic in Dresden, too, stations at the control center can be deregistered when they are fully occupied. That is a very regular process in everyday clinical life, said spokeswoman Viviane Piffczyk. The decisive factor for this is not always a shortage of labor or closed stations, but often a high number of patients. However, it was not intended to close the emergency room, said Piffczyk. According to the university clinic, the city clinic has the second largest emergency room in the city. "There is always a specialist around the clock."

"We do not intend to close the emergency room, but try to maintain local and regional emergency care at this highest level under all circumstances," said the spokeswoman for the municipal clinic in Görlitz, Katja Pietsch. "We are confident that we will continue to succeed." There is by no means a “falling demand”. However, Görlitz has the same problems as other clinics.

Mercedes-Benz builds e-transporter plant in Poland .
The car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz wants to build a factory for light electrical transporters in Poland. "While we flexibly manufacture vans with combustion and electric drive in all of our existing works, we will build our first pure electric plant in Jaw as in Jaw as," said the head of Mercedes-Benz Vans, Mathias Geisen, according to the message from Monday. At least for the time being, nothing will become of the cooperation with the US electric car manufacturer Rivian, which is planned.

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