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News: The former trainer of Zac Efron hates Burpees: Why he says that most people shouldn't make them

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The prominent coach Patrick Murphy does not integrate burpies into his training sessions.

Burpees are not an efficient exercise, and most people lack the necessary flexibility to carry them out safely and correctly, says fitness trainer Patrick Murphy. Burpees is a full body movement in which you crouch out of the stand, jump back into a high plank position with your feet and then make a push-up before jumping forward with your feet and jumping up again to jump up again to repeat the exercise.

It is a leaking movement that increases the heart rate and is used in the US military to check fitness, as Murphy explains in an interview with Business Insider.

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A burse includes a number of postures.

Murphy, who has already trained celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lawrence and Zac Efron, Burpees never incorporated into his training because he believes that they can lead to injuries and poor posture. There are many other efficient exercises that are significantly better, he says.

Burpees were used in the military to test the fitness level

Originally, the burpee was invented by the American sports physiologist Royal Burpe in the 1930s and initially contained neither a push-up nor a jump.

The granddaughter of Royal Burpee, Sheryl Burpe Dluginski (who is also a personal trainer), tells the US magazine " Men's Journal " that the US Army is installed the Burpees in a fitness test for soldiers and made them the more strenuous burpee have that we know today. "This does not mean that it is good for us or for the human body," says Murphy.

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Most people are not flexible enough to correct a burpee

To correctly carry out a burpee, you need a certain level of mobility, strength and fitness, according to Murphy, and therefore they should only be carried out by people who are fit enough . The movement requires athletics and fast movements. But when people try to move as dynamically and quickly as possible, there is a risk that they are injured, says Murphy.

Patrick Murphy is a prominent American personal trainer.

"In most people, their shoulders will twitch, they will injure the wrists and put a strain on their backs and their knees," he says. The change from the push-up to the standing position at a burpee can lead to a round back, an attitude in which many people spend all day long when they have an office job- and which can lead to back pain, says Murphy.

Burpees are very exhausting for most people. "But they are great to protect themselves from gunshot wounds," emphasizes Murphy. "If I were with the military, I would also have burpies done."

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Burpees increase the heart rate, but there are other exercises that achieve the same in a safer way

Murphy is not the only coach that argues that burpees are not effective for most people. Dluginski also explains in an interview with Business Insider that the burpee should be seen as "an exercise for people who are already physically fit".

"It's really hard for the knees. It is very exhausting for the back. And if you don't have a stable basic strength and good fitness from the start Assessment of fitness, "she says.

The prominent coaches and brothers Ryan and Eric Johnson, whose customers belong to Scarlett Johansson, at the request of Business Insider, have already said that they consider Burpees to waste time in most people. "Most people don't have sufficient mobility to go into a deep crouch, so they will bend their backs," explains Eric.

"On the whole, I don't believe that a burpee brings some advantage that helps you reach your performance goals, apart from the fact that it drives up your heart rate. There are so many other options that you also have with will help other aspects of your training plan. " Squat Jumps or Box Step-Ups, on the other hand, are great alternatives to the burpee to increase the heart rate and increase performance explosively, says Murphy.

This article was translated by Melanie Gelo from English. The original read your here .

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