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News: Putin's Bavarian agitator Yulia P. reports back

Ukraine War for Russia "terribly wrong": Apparently "wiped" elite unit

 Ukraine War for Russia Ukraine war for Russia "terribly wrong": Elite unit apparently "extinguished" A report shows how a Russian rifle brigade was almost extinguished within a few months. A military blow that symbolizes Putin's war in Ukraine. Munich/Helsinki - You call yourself the “200. Separate motor rifle brigade ”. They are soldiers who arm a nuclear arsenal on the Russian Kola Peninsula near the Finnish border. Since the Cold War, they have been guarding rockets that are stored in bunkers.

New postings on Telegram

Putins Bavarian rush Yulia P. reports back   Putins bayerische Hetzerin Yulia P. meldet sich zurück © t - Online

The Russian russian Yulia P. living in Landshut is back. The influencer reports from "freedom" - although she has never been arrested.

She danced enthusiastically from pictures of a bomb attack that kills civilians in the Ukrainian Dnipro, she asked Europeans to burn the gas stove for Putin and she mocked Ukrainians on the net and on the edge of Demos - until a search of the Bavarian Police . Since then, nothing has been heard by influencer Yulia P. from Landshut for almost three months-until now: New provocations from the 30-year-old Putin fangirl come.

Saudi Arabia: A report denounces the abrupt conditions of detention of Ethiopians

 Saudi Arabia: A report denounces the abrupt conditions of detention of Ethiopians © Eduardo Soteras / AFP An Ethiopian reacts when arriving at Addis Ababa airport after being repatriated from Saudi Arabia, March 30 2022. Amnesty International denounces the fate reserved for Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia. According to the NGO, hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian migrants were "arbitrarily detained" in "abominable" conditions, sometimes "tortured", then finally returned from "force" to Ethiopia.

After her disappearance on October 14, there is again signs of life from the Russian, which was last lived in Landshut. On that day, German authorities searched the young woman's apartment that tens of thousands of subscribers had collected on their channels. The accusation: their appearances and postings were insult and approval of crimes that they had celebrated Russia's war of aggression.

State Protection took over the investigation into investigations

. Three cell phones and a laptop were confiscated. With one of the cell phones, she had probably filmed how she "wiped her butt" with a police invitation or how she persecuted and insulted Ukrainians in Salzburg.

Since the police operation, she has not been writing anything and did not shoot videos - silence on the net. In Russia it even said that she was missing. Nothing was known about her whereabouts. There were no reasons for imprisonment, explained German police authorities, it did not come behind grids.

gas price lid: Too good to be true - Scholz and Habeck powerless

 gas price lid: Too good to be true - Scholz and Habeck powerless It sounds so easy: Gas prices are priceless for many people and companies in Europe - why don't they just cover? Zack, upper price limit - problem solved! If it were only so simple. Unfortunately, the reality is much more complicated. Yes, the European Union is one of the largest markets in the world. © dpa pipes with the inscription · Gargas wet · run on a technical system for cooling natural gas on the site of the earth gass storage of the Astora GmbH.

The unemployed woman is illegal in Germany and lived here without a valid residence permit, as the public prosecutor confirmed. However, deportations to Russia are also exposed, so the authorities could not simply put them on a plane. Pictures from Airport Berlin and a report by the Russian media project Nexta had once fueled the suspicion. But it was a confusion: P. was in Germany.

"I am free, damn"

in the police headquarters Niederbayern there are no new findings: "The investigation is ongoing and we do not know that it could now be in abroad."

This is exactly what is now suggested in your channel, which was so long. "I'm free, damn it," it says. "I breathe freedom." Either her message is supposed to misjudge that she was in prison in Germany, or it is said that she can feel freedom again. It can also be read that she has to get used to the fact that a hot bath in Russia is not a luxury. It is not certain whether the messages really come from herself: so far there are no pictures that they show, but only text messages.

ProSieben and Sat.1: Popular TV channel Suddenly set

 ProSieben and Sat.1: Popular TV channel Suddenly set © Daniel Reinhardt/dpa/dpa-tmn/symbol image TV ProSieben and Sat.1: Popular TV channels suddenly set with immediate effect: the free TV broadcaster Joyn Primetime from the media group ProSiebenSat.1 is no longer available. Unterföhring-In the evening before the sudden end, there had been indications of a technical disorder at the Free TV broadcaster from ProSiebenSat.1, as TV feature film reports. Without warning, Joyn Primetime stopped the transmission on December 2.

An example of "Russian tooth"

in Russia had worked as a cashier and escort girl in the past, as evidenced by "Stern" research. The Russian journalist Alexander Newzorov, once a Putin confidant and now fled to Italy , assumed that she gets money for her propaganda activities. It is an example of "Russian tooths" who were located in Europe to "make patriotism from there" and "to mob and look for arguments".

Now a photo of the Wagner Group, the mercenary group of "Putin's Koch" Jewgeni Prigoschin, was also posted in your channel. The unit is struggling with dismissed convicts for Russia in Ukraine , its boss Prigoschin is also the master of Russian troll and propaganda activities. P.'s channel pays homage: "I pray for you. You are the best." Yulia P. continues where she ceased.

money shortage in the Kremlin? Proposal from Wagner-Boss could Putin push to Heikler 2000 measure .
money shortage in the Kremlin? Proposal from Wagner-Boss could push Putin to Heikler 2000 measure War is not only cruel, but also expensive. Russia now also notices that. Wagner boss Prigoschin therefore now increases the pressure on Putin. Moscow-The Ukraine War has been raging for ten months now. The losses are high. Not only do thousands of people die, material and equipment are also destroyed. The media project Kyiv Independent publishes a list of Russian war losses every day.

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