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Ownership: Consumer Protectors: Too high prices for mobile Internet

Consumer Guards Request Cover of Base Account Fees

 Consumer Guards Request Cover of Base Account Fees Frankfurt am Main. Everyone has been entitled to an account in Germany for five years. But the so-called base account is often expensive. Does the wave of price increases in banks now completely unaffordable? © Fabian Sommer A bank kundin puts your current card in an ATM. The trend towards charges in the banking industry, according to consumer protectors, endanger the "account for everyone".

Consumer protectors complain high prices for mobile internet in Germany. "The naked numbers show that we have in Germany with the most expensive fees and prices for mobile and mobile Internet," said the boss of the consumer center of the Bundesverband, Klaus Müller.

Mobiles Internet - in Deutschland unnötig teuer, finden Verbraucherschützer. © patrick pleul / dpa central picture / dpa mobile internet - in Germany unnecessarily expensive, find consumer protectors.

A price comparison of the association showed that mobile data volume in neighboring countries such as France and Italy, but especially in the Eastern EU States Estonia, Romania and Poland is much cheaper than in this country.

Starlink: Free satellite internet for catastrophe areas in Rhineland-Palatinate

 Starlink: Free satellite internet for catastrophe areas in Rhineland-Palatinate Rhineland-Palatinate provides citizens: inside in particular from the floods of satellite satellite internet free of charge. 35 StarLink bowls are set up. © DPA In the small place to blame in the Ahrtal, the urment work is in full swing. Also a week after the devastating floods, there are only limited to many places or no Internet and mobile reception.

"That's dissatisfied us," Müller said. There is no traceable reason for the price difference - except too little competition in the German market. "There is a great need in Germany, digital even faster - and then please be cheaper," he stressed. For this there must be more competition - for example, by shortening contract periods. The policy should not listen to what the Internet and telephone companies wanted, but ask what the consumer wanted: "They want more flexibility and low prices.»

Especially in rural areas and in the after-corona time, fast and favorable mobile internet is important - not only to answer news news, send photos and navigate the car, but also to work. «Many business companies need fast internet to offer their products and services.»

According to the Comparison of the Consumer Center Bundesverband, a gigabyte of mobile data volume in pure data tariff cost an average of 3.35 euros in Germany in Germany - and as much as in the United Kingdom and slightly less than in Spain (3.58 euros). In France, on the other hand, 3.18 euros were paid on average, in Italy only 1.65 euros, in Poland even only 0.83 euros.

According to the Initiative D21, 80 percent of the more than 14-year-olds used Mobile Internet last year. According to the Federal Network Agency, consumers still used 2.76 billion gigabytes of mobile data volumes in 2019, a year later there were already 3.97 billion gigabytes.

price crisis: World Bank expects 80 percent higher energy prices .
, the World Bank expects the World Bank to expect a relaxation on the energy market in the second half of 2022. Also metals and foods should then be cheaper again. © dpa Inflation is currently driven primarily by high energy prices, say World Bank and IMF. energy prices will increase by more than 80 percent this year and could become a risk of growth for those countries relying on energy imports. This predicts the World Bank in its Raw Material Market Outlook published today.

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