Ownership: Consumer Electronics: BITKOM expects slight decline

Electronics Division brings Sony more sales and profit

 Electronics Division brings Sony more sales and profit The long weakening electronics business has become a growth engine last for Sony. With an increase in sales of 59 percent, the division helped the Japanese Group to conclude the past quarter with significant growth. © Richard Drew / ap / dpa The Sony logo is on the New York Stock Exchange (USA) on a screen on the New York Stock Exchange. The gaming business around the PlayStation console grown in the past year runs at a high level, but encourages its growth limits.

The television, game consoles, and other consumer electronics devices is expected to shrink slightly by around four percent to 8.96 billion euros in the current year after calculations of the Digital Association BITKOM.

Vor allem das Segment der Spielekonsolen hat in 2021 einen Wachstum verzeichnet. © Henning Kaiser / DPA Especially the segment of game consoles has recorded growth in 2021.

Reason for this is not a lack of demand, but are above all delivery difficulties, said Bitkom President Achim Berg in an online press conference.

The greatest increase is recorded by the gaming consoles segment, which will increase 2021 of the forecast by around ten percent compared to the previous year. Growth in the area could have been even greater if more devices would have been available, it was said.

Consumer Protectors: Too high prices for mobile Internet

 Consumer Protectors: Too high prices for mobile Internet Consumer protectors complain high prices for mobile internet in Germany. "The naked numbers show that we have in Germany with the most expensive fees and prices for mobile and mobile Internet," said the boss of the consumer center of the Bundesverband, Klaus Müller. © patrick pleul / dpa central picture / dpa mobile internet - in Germany unnecessarily expensive, find consumer protectors.

When using the consumer electronics, video streaming has meanwhile enforced as standard. Series and films at Netflix, Prime Video, Joyn and Co. as well as clips on Youtube, Vimeo or social media already reach 70 percent of all people in Germany. This revealed a representative survey of BITKOM.

videoconsum on the smartphone

The most popular device for the daily video consumer is now the smartphone: almost a third (28 percent) of those who stream, use it every day to look videos, a fifth (21 percent) several times a week . Smartphones are quite clear from smart TVs and laptops.

The video streaming also occupies an ever-increasing share in the entertainment budget of people in Germany. 38 percent already use a paid subscription. 22 percent use a paid service, 32 percent use two subscriptions, and 29 percent have even subscribed to three or more deposited offers, more than twice as many as a year ago. "Corona awarded a huge boost to video streaming. This effect will stop, "said mountain.

Many video streamers try to share the cost of a subscription according to the survey. Half of the subscribers shares services as well as costs, 37 percent pay and use a service alone, 29 percent use the information after a paid service in other people without paying themselves.

Smart SUV Alternatives .
Most consumers looking for a new car want to buy an SUV. But getting one at a good price these days can be a challenge. Pandemic-related microchip shortages, temporary factory closures, and labor problems have led to a scarcity of new models and have driven prices up significantly. For example, an analysis by Consumer Reports found that earlier this year people were paying upward of 20 percent over sticker price for a 2022 Kia Telluride three-row SUV, and many other SUV models are also being sold for more than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

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