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Ownership: Consumer protectors outraged over price increases: "The railway punishes their most loyal customers"

Consumer Protectors Bahn Sustainability Fintech Tomorrow from

 Consumer Protectors Bahn Sustainability Fintech Tomorrow from © Photo: Tomorrow The Tomorrow founder: Jakob Berndt, Inas Nureldin and Michael Schweikart. The particularly sustainable Hamburg Neobank Tomorrow has trouble with consumer protection. It is about misleading advertising and a significantly greater problem of the entire industry. The Hamburger Fintech Startup, which has been positioning itself for three years as a modern bank for sustainability , now has trouble with consumer protection.

On 12 December FluxTickets, ABOS and BahnCards are more expensive in long-distance traffic. Super savings and austerity prices remain unchanged.

Fernverkehr wird teurer: Am 12. Dezember steigen die Preise für Flextickets. © Photo: Ina Fassbender / Picture Alliance / DPA long-distance traffic becomes more expensive: On December 12, the prices for FlexTickets rise.

The Bahn increases prices in long-distance traffic, and consumer protectors are outraged. He has the impression, "that the railway board the satisfaction of the customer loses the inside completely out of sight," annoys the boss of the Federal Association of Consumer Centers, Klaus Müller. What in Germany's top consumer protectors is particularly outraged: "Especially those who are faithfully punished with time cards, Bahncards and FlexTickets of Deutsche Bahn, are punished by the significant price increases."

Consumer Protectors: Too high prices for mobile Internet

 Consumer Protectors: Too high prices for mobile Internet Consumer protectors complain high prices for mobile internet in Germany. "The naked numbers show that we have in Germany with the most expensive fees and prices for mobile and mobile Internet," said the boss of the consumer center of the Bundesverband, Klaus Müller. © patrick pleul / dpa central picture / dpa mobile internet - in Germany unnecessarily expensive, find consumer protectors.

Who the price increases Meeting

actually asks the state-owned company particularly commuters and customers, the value Place flexibility, checkout. FlexTickets, route time cards, so subscriptions, and the BahnCard 100 will be averaged 2.9 percent more expensive from 12 December, the railway took place on Friday. The prices for the BahnCards 25 and 50 are also attributable by 2.9 percent. However, it has been the first increase for seven years, stresses the train. The company did not notice a price increase in regional traffic.

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Beware a Flood of Flooded Cars

  Beware a Flood of Flooded Cars Thousands of cars are damaged or destroyed by floods every year, but don’t assume all those vehicles end up in a junkyard. Some, in fact, are repaired and resold in other parts of the country wit hout the buyer being aware of the car’s waterlogged history. The recent flooding from Hurricane Ina, which damaged an as yet unknown number of cars, serves as a reminder that you need to be vigilant when buying a used car, even if you don’t live near a traditional storm area.

The excitement of the consumer protectors can not be understood by the train. After all, super savings prices and austerity prices remain favorable with tariffs from 17.90 euros or 21.50 euros. Even with the seat reservation, the prices of four euros in the second and 5.30 euros in the first class are not increased. Overall, prices in long-distance traffic increase by average of 1.9 percent, the railway has calculated. In view of the inflation rate of 4.1 percent, the price increase "moderately" trap. Even in the long-term comparison, train trains are cheap. "So a ride in long-distance traffic costs also after the price increase in December about as much as in 2012," emphasizes the company.

Last year, train travel has become cheaper

, however, is above all the fact that railway drives has become cheaper last year. Because the VAT was reduced from 19 percent to seven percent in January, tickets declined by ten percent in long-distance traffic. In July, another tax cut was followed to five percent by the end of 2020. This should serve to boost the economy after the corona crisis and bring people back into trains.

Federal Government: Gas supply secured

 Federal Government: Gas supply secured The Federal Government currently does not see any bottlenecks in gas supply in Germany. The gas stores are also well filled in international comparison, for example much more than in the UK, said a spokeswoman of the Federal Ministry of Economics. © Picture Alliance / DPA The gas supplies for the coming winter are secured, so the federal government. At the same time, consumers must arrange with high prices or terminated contracts.

The Corona-Lockdown had difficult for the Group. 2020 wrote the train deep red numbers. Before taxes and interest rates, a loss of more than 4.7 billion euros incurred, in the first half of 2021 it was 1.4 billion euros. For the entire year, train boss Richard Lutz expects a loss of operation of a good two billion euros.

Consumer Protectors say the railway must be better

price increases, however, are the wrong way to get out of the crisis in the opinion of the passenger association per train. Instead of putting up prices, the company should prefer to bring better performance. There are still "way too many delays," said per train spokesman Karl-Peter Naumann. Through a better offer and punctual departures, more passengers could be won. "So you can also come to more money," says Naumann.

finally from the table are considerations, train rides only for vaccinated, genisen or tested to enable. The Federal Ministry of Transport shared on Friday, the introduction of an 3G rule in ICE or InterCity trains is "neither legally possible nor practicable". Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) had used such a limitation, the government had notified the introduction of the 3G rule.

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Traffic, Health and Justice Ministry had already registered in August, as passengers in Germany are not controlled while starting and have not been registered. In Italy, on the other hand, the green passport has been demands on vaccination, recovery or a test since 1 September in remote, high-speed and intercity trains. In France, a similar regulation has been since August. (with AFP)

Granting Energy Prices Purpose 2022 Many households .
increased energy prices will also burden the budget budgets of many consumers in the coming year. © Federico Gambarini / DPA increased energy prices will also burden many household cashes in the coming year. Then make the most recent price increases in the basic supplier, which are already completed or at the turn of the year. The CO2 delivery at the turn of the year also increases slightly. After all: The electricity has some providers who lower their prices.

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