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Ownership: consumer goods company: Rising raw material and transport costs Purpose Business of Persil manufacturers Henkel

Material Knappiness: German furniture is more expensive

 Material Knappiness: German furniture is more expensive The German furniture industry suffers from the worldwide material shortage like many other industries. In addition to wood, metal components, fittings, electronic components, upholstered foams, cover substances and packaging materials are scarce, said Jan Kurth, managing director of the associations of the German Furniture Industry (VDM / VHK) on Monday in Cologne. The reason for bottlenecks are, among other things, the attracting economy and the construction room in China and the USA.

In the third quarter, Henkel has increased sales to around five billion euros. The adhesive business ran very well, less rounded in cosmetic products.

Der Dax-Konzern hat am Montag seine Quartalszahlen vorgelegt. © DPA The DAX Group has submitted its quarterly figures on Monday.

of the consumer goods company Henkel looks more pessimistic about the full year 2021 due to high raw materials and transport costs. The Düsseldorf DAX Group only expects a result at the bottom of its prognosis. This was announced by the manufacturer of Persil, Pattex and Pritt on Monday morning.

Henkel continues to expect organic revenue growth of six to eight percent for 2021. However, the adjusted return on sales (EBIT margin) should only be around 13.5 percent. So far, Henkel had predicted 13.5 to 14.5 percent, even up to 15 percent at the beginning of the year.

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"In particular, the further strong increase in commodity prices and logistics costs, the economy is stressed stronger than previously thought," is cited CEO Carsten Knobel in a group announcement. "We work with extensive measures intensively to limit the impact on our business and profitability."

also Henkel Competitor Beiersdorf ended by an organic sales growth between eight and ten percent - and thus less than analyst predicted.

The turnover of Henkel has grown nominally by 3.7 percent in the first nine months - and is now 15 billion euros. The organic growth adjusted for exchange rate effects and sales and sales is 3.5 percent and therefore slightly higher than expected by analysts. In the past third quarter, Henkel grew nominally by 1.9 percent.

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All divisions are again above the pre-crisis level. But the individual divisions have developed differently. The business of Henkel and its approximately 52,000 employees is based on three pillars: the adhesive technologies adhesive, the washing and detergent division Laundry Ampersand Home Care and the cosmetic part Beauty Care.

Henkel benefits from the business with adhesives

Growth driver was last the business with adhesives, that rose by seven percent. With this strongly economical division, Henkel makes almost half of its consolidated sales. Sales in this area are now at 2.4 billion euros.

Henkel benefited from increasing demand for packaging and consumer goods. Ground was slowed through the automotive industry. Here, the decline in production was negatively impacted due to global semiconductor deficiency.

The Laundry Ampersand Home divided almost 1.7 billion euros in the third quarter - and thus almost two percent more. In the Detergent business segment, Henkel just achieved growth in the nuclear brand Persil. For surface cleaners, on the other hand, the demand decreased. This has been normalized after she had risen at the beginning of the pandemic. Laundry Ampersand Home stands for one third of the Henkel sales.

Jean Castex announces additional 400 million euros for public transport

 Jean Castex announces additional 400 million euros for public transport The Prime Minister, Jean Castex made the trip this Friday in Nantes on the occasion of the National Days of Urban France. In front of the mayors of the big cities, he announced a budget of an additional 400 million euros (in addition to the 450 million provided for in the stimulus plan) to finance public transport development projects in agglomerations and metropolises.

The revenues of the cosmetics division fell organically by three percent to 0.9 billion euros. Henkel explains this with a normalization of demand for soap articles increased in the same period of the previous year pandemiebings. The hairdressing business, which supplies Henkel with brands such as black head, was able to build the previous growth in the third quarter. The cosmetic division stands for around one fifth of sales.

Last year, Henkel had still posted declines

Last year, Henkel had still recorded decline in sales and operating income in the corona crisis. At that time, above all, the adhesive business suffered from the weakness of important customers as the auto industry. But the business with hairdressers did not ran around because of temporary closures of salons.

The Henkel share has fallen in the past twelve months among larger fluctuations by twelve percent. Most recently, a share certificate cost well 80 euros.

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The 2022 Toyota Tundra Goes Racing In NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

  The 2022 Toyota Tundra Goes Racing In NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Toyota unveiled its brand new Tundra racing race truck that’ll compete in the 2022 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, which starts at the Daytona International Speedway in February. It’s a beautiful-looking truck—modern, proportional, and rightfully anxious to make some left turns come race season. Even standing still, it just looks fast. It’s not a bigIt's not a big deal that Toyota races its Tundra in the NASCAR truck series.  Toyota's been involved with Nastruck since 2004, claiming 11 manufacturer's championships; the automaker also fields a Camry TRD in the Next Gen Cup Series and Supra in the Xfinity Series. This season, the racing Tundra collected its 200th victory.

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Given the pandemie-related decline in passenger numbers in public transport (public transport), from the point of view of the country ministers, the continuation of the federal government assistance for the public transport companies is unavoidable. "We are currently experiencing the fourth wave and hoped that we actually have Corona soon behind us and the passenger numbers rise again.

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