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Ownership: World Consumer Day: These apps warn against insecure products

Klaus Müller should be boss of the network agency

 Klaus Müller should be boss of the network agency Berlin. Minister of Economic Affairs United Keyplaces The Energy Transport: Consumer Protectors Klaus Müller will in future lead the Federal Network Agency. The green economist has made a name for himself. Peter Siller takes over the management of the Stand Transformation. © Monika Skolimowska Klaus Müller, boss of the Federal Association of Consumer Centers. Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (green) occupies key positions for the energy transition.

, whether in the food, cosmetics or other everyday products: not all manufacturers and producers pay attention to the health of their customers. Several organizations therefore offer apps that enlighten their users about dangers. These applications should know users - not just at the World Consumer Day.

Unter die Lupe genommen: Dank unterschiedlicher Apps ist es einfacher, die Finger von gefährlichen Produkten zu lassen. © Mix and Match Studio / Taken under the magnifying glass: Thanks to different apps, it is easier to leave the fingers of dangerous products. "Toxfox"

The federal government for environmental and nature conservation Germany (Bund) provides the App "Toxfox" . With it, various products can be scanned and checked for dangerous ingredients, it is optimized on cosmetics and everyday products. The federal government wants to re-enter the dangerous ingredients into the app, since the last update, for example, microplastics have been added as a stressful ingredient. If there is no indication, users can send a request to the manufacturer or dealer directly from the app. "Toxfox" is available for Android and iOS.

Formula 1 2022 Bahrain: The most important thing to Saturday

 Formula 1 2022 Bahrain: The most important thing to Saturday Munich / New York - Anders Lee is the identification figure of the New York Islanders ( Sunday, 18:45 against the Philadelphia Flyers, live on ProSieben Maxx and ). He never played for another team from his first NHL game before nine years ago. Since 2018 he leads the team as a captain. © Imago Images / Icon SMI Anders Lee Football Talent Its Great Strength: The Effectiveness. With 23 goals he is the second best scorer of his team.

"Codecheck: Food & Cosmetics Product Scanner"

Because the matter with the ingredients is also important in terms of food intolerances, the "Code Check "App has been popular for a while. Registration is not necessary for the free app, only the terms and conditions need users agree. Three swipes later you can scan products and see their ingredients as well as further information. Because the community can maintain the database of "Codecheck: Food & Cosmetics Product Scanner" itself, more than 27 million products are now stored. Particularly practical is the foreign delicacies whose packaging inscription can not be read. "Codecheck" is available for Android and iOS .

"Consumer Protection" -APP

The Bavarian Consumer Center operates the app with the simple name "consumer protection" . She warns of food and products that have not been satisfied and recalled legal requirements. If that is the case, users get a message. In addition, the app has integrated the option to register itself unsafe foods. The respective district administration authority receives a message and can take the message. The app is available for free for Android and iOS.

Electricity Price: Regional Court Cologne issues injunction against Rhein-Energie

 Electricity Price: Regional Court Cologne issues injunction against Rhein-Energie The Cologne Rhine-Energie may not settle any different electricity prices for new customers in the basic supply for the time being. A corresponding injunction imposed the Cologne district court last Friday. It had been applied for by a direct competitor of the Rhine energy.

"WWF Fish Counselor"

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) offers the "WWF Fischratgeber" on the network as well as for Android and iOS on . Here are fish and seafood with a traffic light, which should help at the purchase decision. For green, the WWF has no concerns, he denotes yellow as a "second choice" and from red, gourmets should temporarily leave their hands. The aim of the app is to combat the overfishing, the operator collects information about the fisheries, their fishing methods and inventories.

"Good on You"

Who wants to avoid that in the production of his clothing child labor or similarly represents things take place, finds a practical helper in the app "Good on You". A scale of "brand avid" to "buy recommendation" sorts fashion brands based on ethical and sustainability criteria as well as social standards along the production chain. To use "Good on You", users have to register, otherwise the app for iOS and Android is free.

The most beautiful pictures of the Greek islands .
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