Ownership: Consumer Center: Streaming could be more expensive

Tesla is being sued! Guardian mode of e-cars calls consumer protection on Plan

 Tesla is being sued! Guardian mode of e-cars calls consumer protection on Plan Berlin-The Federal Association of Consumer Centers accuses the e-car manufacturer Tesla misleading advertising on CO2 emissions and lack of clarifying buyers in data protection. © provided by TAG24 The e-cars produced by Tesla with guard mode ensure criticism. The association therefore sued the group before the Berlin Regional Court, as the VZBV announced on Tuesday. The court confirmed the receipt of the lawsuit. (File number 52 O 242/22) From Tesla there was initially no reaction.

The consumer advice centers have warned of the possible expense of streaming services and other offers of online content. The background is plans by the EU Commission for the participation of market participants in the costs of digital infrastructure.

Statt des klassischen Fernsehens bevorzugen viele mittlerweile Streamingportale. Besonders die günstigen Preise locken viele Menschen an. © Alexander Heinl/dpa instead of classic television, many now prefer streaming portals. Many people in particular attract the low prices.

"We were surprised that the EU Commission announced that it would want to take up the topic," said the head of the Federal Association (VZBV), Ramona Pop, the German Press Agency. She recalled that it was an older proposal for telecommunications providers to request a kind of internet toll. "In addition to the costs you have as an end consumer, the content providers, such as Netflix and Amazon, should now also pay," said Pop.

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Consumer Center calls for discussions with companies

"This completely questions network neutrality," warned Pop. "And offers would certainly also make more expensive." In their assessment, some offers would disappear completely from the market because they could no longer hold themselves.

The EU Commission had announced concrete plans for the participation of all market participants in the infrastructure costs for networks.

Pop said: "We expect the EU Commission to quickly hear a public hearing so that you can go into the discussion with everyone involved in advance." Pop possibly rejected existing proposals as damaging to competitive.

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