Ownership: Italy chooses a new parliament

Volley - League of Nations (quarter -finals): The Blues dominate without trembling Japan

 Volley - League of Nations (quarter -finals): The Blues dominate without trembling Japan © Panoramic France Volley Ligue 20220710 After a hung first round, the Blues rolled out their game to overcome Japan in Japan in Japan in Japan Three rounds and qualify for the semi-finals of the League of Nations, with Italy as the next opponent. The Blues were exact at the rendezvous in Bologna! After a successful preliminary phase, with nine victories for three defeats, Andrea Giani's players found Japan in the quarterfinals of the League of Nations.

Rome. Italy chooses a new parliament. After the resignation of Draghi, the 68th government in Rome is sought. The rights are clearly favored. This is particularly worried abroad. Many Italians are worn by politics. A very low turnout threatens.

Die Stimmzettel für die Parlamentswahlen werden vorbereitet, als ein Wahllokal in einer Schule eröffnet wird. © Alessandra Tarantino The ballot papers for the parliamentary elections are prepared when a polling station is opened in a school.

The Italian voters started voting on a new parliament. Around 51 million people were invited on Sunday to decide on the distribution of seats in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputy. The elections were brought forward by six months after the government of the popular Prime Minister Mario Draghi broke apart in July. Draghi is still in office. The polling stations should be open until 11 p.m. The first results were expected for early Monday morning.

Drive to Rome: a whole adventure!

 Drive to Rome: a whole adventure! on the occasion of his new series “James May: Our Man in Italy”, the former presenter of Top Gear has ventured into the streets of the Italian capital and you will see it, lead to Rome is not easy. © Capture of screen, YouTube Capture Decran 2022-07-26 A 14.26.47 on the occasion of its new series “James May: our man in Italy”, the former presenter of Top Gear has ventured In the streets of the Italian capital and you will see it, driving in Rome is not easy.

In the 15 days before the election on Sunday, no surveys were allowed to be published. Two weeks ago, the party of Italy's far right was Giorgia Meloni, which was far right before the center-left democratic party of ex-Minister Enrico Letta. The five-star movement of Drahgi's predecessor Giuseppe Conte, on the other hand, has to expect losses as well as the Lega of the right-wing populist Matteo Salvini.

the complicated voting right in Italy prefers campaign alliances. While Meloni has forged an alliance with the Lega and the Forza Italia party of the former head of government Silvio Berlusconi, Letta has not managed to pull the left-wing populist five-star movement on his side and thus form a counterweight to the right-wing populists. According to

CDU parliamentary group wants to question all performance laws

 CDU parliamentary group wants to question all performance laws Saxony-Anhalt CDU parliamentary group wants to support companies and citizens in the energy crisis, and at the same time the expenditure of the country should also be viewed critically. "So that future generations do not stand in front of our debt mountain, we have to do a clear standard lowering," said the parliamentary group on Friday. "There must be no prohibitions on thinking and the country's performance laws must also be critically questioned." The new parliamentary group leader Guido Heu

, the turnout could decrease. In 2018 she was 73 percent. Among other things, voters complained that the three heads of government had not run for the office since then. On Sunday, voters criticized Italian politics as a whole. "I hope we will see honest people and that is very difficult these days," said Adriana Gherdo in front of a polling station in Rome. "I am very happy to accept that (the Prime Minister) could be a woman," said voter Clara Inita. "But it is important that it is someone competent."

Meloni has not yet held a government office and could become the first woman at the head of an Italian government in an election victory. Your party has roots in the neo -fascist movement. One of the co -founders was seen how he showed the fascist greeting on a funeral - what he was able to do. In the election campaign, Meloni assured that she was "no danger to democracy". She criticized the Brüssler EU bureaucracy and defended the right-wing Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Oban after the EU Commission recommended that Hungary have to block several billion euros due to democratic deficits and accusations of corruption.

EU: Electricity and gas despite unpaid invoices

 EU: Electricity and gas despite unpaid invoices If you can no longer pay your energy bills, in the view of the European Parliament, the supply must not be separated from the care. Forced evacuation of apartments with low -income households that could not pay their energy bills and rents would have to be prevented. This emerges from a resolution of Parliament, which was accepted on Wednesday.

Space in a right government could become politics in the Ukraine secretary. Meloni supports arms deliveries to Ukraine so that the country can defend itself against Russian troops. Her possible government partner Berlusconi has repeatedly commented on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Salvini walked around with Pro-Tutin-T-shirts and spoke out against the sanctions against Russia. In the final phase of the election campaign, however, he criticized Russian cruelty in Ukraine.

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