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Research: "Vintage Mecanic". François Allain restores XXL

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François Allain va rénover une des stars historiques des transports en commun dans « Vintage Mecanic » sur RMC Découverte : l’autobus Renault TN4 H de 1935. vehicles © Vintage Mecanic / RMC Découverte. François Allain will renovate one of the historical stars of public transport in “Vintage Mecanic” on RMC Découverte: the Renault TN4 H bus from 1935.

The host presents a new season of his successful documentary series on “RMC Découverte” and continues to diversify by focusing on XXL vehicles. On Thursday November 5 at 9:05 pm, he is renovating a Renault bus dating from 1935.

This vintage car enthusiast has already been traveling around France for five years in search of vehicles to be restored by his teams of specialists. For a change, François Allain decided this time to tackle a little special bodywork which will pose some difficulties, as is the case with the bus Renault TN4 H…

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Symbol of public transport

Des tractors, military vehicles, fire trucks, François Allain has seen all kinds of them pass. He is interested in a legend in public transport. The famous Renault green platform bus, which has been in service at RATP, but also in Lyon and Marseille. “It is the symbol of Parisian transport and the TN series has had a very long career, because the last one was withdrawn from service in 1971, notes François Allain. They've traveled millions of miles. They were built with Renault engines that had crazy displacement, and mounted on truck chassis. They appear in every movie from the 40's to 60's. Even Cary Grant tries to catch one in Stanley Donen's famous movie Charade (1963). »

Tribute to associations and seniors

Surprisingly, that the young public will learn, these vehicles ran with four-cylinder engines of 58 hp, and used a ternary fuel (1/3 alcohol, 1/3 benzol, 1/3 gasoline). They didn't have a speedometer, or even a dashboard. They were totally archaic.

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However, the animator’s enthusiasm will quickly fade away in front of the heads of his usual mechanics, when they simply go to the "crash there, with his bus on his arms" . Not their domain, too big vehicle, in short… We must quickly find another solution.

Fortunately, thanks to a friend, François Allain discovers an association of retirees located in the east of France, enthusiasts of old coaches and buses who will agree to renovate the machine. "This episode is also an opportunity to pay tribute to associations, but also to the know-how, the experience and the competence of the seniors," continues the host, who are not good, as we often believe, “To be scrapped”. »

« Vintage Mecanic: special XXL vehicles »at 9:05 pm on RMC Découverte

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