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Research: Chile: President Pinera promulgates a law to tap Retirement Savings

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Les Chiliens pourront dès les prochains jours puiser de nouveau dans leur épargne retraite obligatoire. © AP - Esteban Felix Chileans can be able to draw again in their compulsory retirement savings.

in Chile, the right president Sebastian Pinera promulgated on Tuesday, April 27th a law that allows residents to tap into their compulsory retirement savings. This is the third time that a measure of this type has been adopted in the country since the beginning of the pandemic, and under the pressure of Chileans, to face the economic consequences of the health and confinement crisis. Yet the government in power was against the measure.

with our correspondent in Santiago, Justine Fontaine

Chileans will be able to draw again in their mandatory retirement savings in the coming days. A measure requested by many inhabitants, who consider that government aid have been too targeted, too late, too weak since the beginning of the second wave of Covid-19 here. Second wave accompanied by strict confinement that has been lasting since the end of March throughout the country.

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The text was proposed by the opposition on the left and adopted at a large majority in Congress, with the voices of a part of the right. Yet the president opposed it until the last minute, using the Constitutional Court. To the general surprise, the High Court rejected on Tuesday the request of Sebastian Piñera.

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state at the lowest in the polls, the President has been forced to announce a few days ago additional aid for the inhabitants, facing the health and economic crisis.

The right to tap once again in mandatory retirement savings may further weaken the individual capitalization system imposed under the dictatorship of Pinochet, and today very unpopular.

Chileans will be called to the polls on May 15 and 16, to elect a constituent assembly and replace the inclusion inherited from the dictatorship.

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