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Research: Many families, life in XXL: how much gay gay with product placement?

not only good girl wearing grinding in hair: XXL Bows are the trend hairstyle in spring!

 not only good girl wearing grinding in hair: XXL Bows are the trend hairstyle in spring! © Pr / Henriette by Grünberg Trend Hairstyle: XXL Bows Grinding for the hair PR / Henriette by Grünberg XXL Bows are the trend hairstyle in spring 2021! with big grinding the hair becomes the center of attention. not only for brave girls: So you stylize the trend hairstyle with grinding properly. Hairpires, Hair Clips, Nineties Claw Clips ... Previously, these hair accessories carried only piano students with very good grades. It's different today.

Familles nombreuses, la vie en XXL : combien gagnent les Gayat avec les placement de produits ? © TF1 Many families, life in XXL: How much gay gay with product placement? stars of the show many families, life in XXL, gayat have become influencers who multiply product investments on Instagram. Sponsored posts that report large, as revealed by Olivia.

Numerous families viewers, life in XXL have been following nearly one year Gayat: present since the launch of the show in July 2020, they quickly acquired the sympathy of the public ... before starting to Grinding teeth. Approach by an influencers agency even before the program's dissemination, they have started very early to make product investments and always post more on social networks. Olivier and Soukdavone, and sometimes some of their nine children, start to present brands on the Instagram account of the Gayat family, followed by more than 400,000 subscribers. It is Olivia, one of the oldest girls, which initiated this very lucrative business . With his parents, she agreed to receive at home Jeremstar for a number of Baby Story . In inspecting the closets, the closet found a Louis Vuitton bag, a fur coat and other luxury objects. Clearly, The Gayat Family Life Train has changed since the shooting of the season 1 of many families, life in XXL. Olivia Gayat unveils the huge remuneration of his transparent family

The Anti-Skinny Trend: In Blue Jeans with XXL Leg, we can finally move again

 The Anti-Skinny Trend: In Blue Jeans with XXL Leg, we can finally move again © Zara Fashion trend in spring 2021: Blue jeans with far leg instead of Skinny Jeans Zara This fashion trend is a must-have in the Spring 2021: Blue jeans with a far leg. The trend jeans have a bright wash, an XXL leg and ideally seats high in the waist. At the sight of the new Blue Jeans, you even dispense with the skinny jeans in spring 2021. If you have to assign appropriate attributes to the spring, it would probably be this: ease. Feel good. Enjoyment.

, Olivia revealed how much income investments on the Instagram Family Account: "It will depend on the number of posts we have per month, so it varies by month . But if one can give a fork, it will go

of at least 5,000 euros to 15-20 000 euros per month , just in product investments. Afterwards, we have a business, so it does not fit everything in our pocket, "she said. The young woman and her parents are aware of it, the sums are impressive. His father Olivier, who has been working in the building since his 14 years, would never have imagined earning as much : "What the Account" Gayat Family "is done in one month, that's what it was done before One year, said Olivia. So necessarily, we have an opportunity like that, we will not spit on it.

The young mother was rather annoyed against the critics who aim for her family. "People say," The Gayat family, before I loved them, they were simple. "

But in fact, we are always simple , she assured Jeremstar. Yes, it's very well paid. Yes, it may seem aberrant when there are some who get up in the morning and who break his back to have a little lower sums that we can have just doing investments. We all understand the people who are stunned by the sums, because we first, we are. Olivia has he wanted to clarify that the money was distributed among the members of the family. "Even if it's a big sum in the month, we divide because everyone has their share, she said. Minors do not have their full share, but we contribute to gifts. But the major, everyone has his part. A multitude of accounts for a multitude of gains

in vs. out: These cropped jeans are trend in spring 2021 - and not anymore!

 in vs. out: These cropped jeans are trend in spring 2021 - and not anymore! In spring, the days are longer - and the jeans shorter. At least if you are inspired by the new fashion trends and puts in the warmer season on Cropped Jeans. Thanks to the shortened section, the focus is skilfully directed to the ankles as a narrowest batch of the leg - and thus created a trend look that could hardly be better for the new season through conscious omission. © H & M in Vs.

It must still be added to the sums in Gayat family all the investments of products made on the various accounts of its members.

Almost all family members have their own Instagram account : those of Soukdavone, Olivia and Elsa exceed the 100,000 subscribers, and the others have several tens of thousands. Some make sponsored posts in their corner, getting comfortable revenue supplements. Olivia, she made her job : with more than 300,000 subscribers, she can live from her placements of products . She realizes on average three or four a day and puts all this money aside to buy a house soon. What to irritate the haters of his family, but she ignores the critics: " We must stop doing the hypocrites , she told Jeremstar. I think if people had that opportunity, they would have done it too. »

Camille Santoro (Many Families, XXL's life) leaves on vacation alone with its six children, Internet users are shed .
© Instagram @ Madame.santoro Camille Santoro (many families, life in XXL) leaves on vacation alone with Its six children, the Internet users are shed on August 17, Camille Santoro, that the faithful of many families: life in XXL know well, announced that it was a new challenge by still a few days in the sun, but only this times, with his six children. On July 11, Camille Santoro had returned to its decision to stop many families: life in XXL .

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