Research: Cash incentives for corona vaccine? Altmaier Skeptical

Contact Tracking: Saxony relies on Corona Warning App instead of Luca

 Contact Tracking: Saxony relies on Corona Warning App instead of Luca The Saxon state government in Dresden decided on Tuesday a change of its Corona regulation. This allows the use of the Corona warning app for tracking. © Onur Achrona / Shutterstock Saxony Receives CWA in Corona Regulation. Wherever shops, restaurants or organizers are committed to the guidance of visitor and participant lists, the corresponding functionality of the Corona warning app can be used in Saxony from 10 May 2021. This is Saxony Germany's pioneer.

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier sees the demands, also with financial incentives for corona vaccinations, skeptical.

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"I'm not so convinced of the idea because it also contradicts the idea of ​​the fait citizen when I bring people with fellow gifts to something that they themselves are convinced That may not be in your interest, "said the CDU politician of" Augsburg's general "(Wednesday). There are still significantly more other ways to significantly increase the vaccination rate.

Video: According to Corona vaccine: These rare vaccine reactions are currently being tested (ProSieben)

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"There is still a lot of what we can do, also on mobile vaccination stations, when using the vaccine, which only needs to be administered once, Because there are simply citizens who can not reach so easily, for example, the homeless people who have no legal residence, "Altmaier said. He believes that there are still enough people who would decide in an enlightenment of the risks of a potentially fatal corona infection and that of a vaccine ultimately for the protective syringes.Berlin (DPA-AFX)

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