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Research: Camille Santoro (Many Families, XXL's life) leaves on vacation alone with its six children, Internet users are shed

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Camille Santoro (Familles nombreuses, la vie en XXL) part en vacances seule avec ses six enfants, les internautes sont épatés © Instagram @ Madame.santoro Camille Santoro (many families, life in XXL) leaves on vacation alone with Its six children, the Internet users are shed on August 17, Camille Santoro, that the faithful of many families: life in XXL know well, announced that it was a new challenge by still a few days in the sun, but only this times, with his six children.

On July 11, Camille Santoro had returned to its decision to stop many families: life in XXL . The tribe that has been in the TF1 program since its launch in July 2020 will not appear alongside the Gayat and Phalissard which also participate in the show since its inception. The mother of six children clarified the situation on his Instagram account. "This question that I am asked several times a day: 'Have you stopped the families many ?' The answer is yes ... I would like to find the right words to tell you about this adventure as it has been amazing " affirmed.

Photo - Camille Deer (Miss France 2015) Officializes with its charming darling in Roland Garros

 Photo - Camille Deer (Miss France 2015) Officializes with its charming darling in Roland Garros © Denis Guigneburg / Bestimage Photo - Camille deer (Miss France 2015) Officializes with its charming darling in Roland Garros is in Roland- Garros that Camille Cerf decided to formalize his new sentimental relationship. The former Miss France came to accompany his new darling. your browser does not support this video camille deer will not have remained unpleasant. Last December, she formalized her rupture with Cyrille . The couple who remained together for almost two years will not have held.

The Santoro will not be in the 4th Season of Families Numerous

Camille Santoro also mentioned its attachment to the teams working on the show that celebrates every night on TF1. "You know, a few months ago our family has grown with the birth of Alba but not only. This is also the case with all the people who contributed to this show and if you knew to How attached to some of them! We started this crazy experience together then, today, I can say: together we form a large family. Not to mention the affection I have for this show , she gave us the opportunity to convey a message of love and hope but also to break a little bit the unfounded shots we can have on many families. Every family has its history and it's the most Great wealth ", had entrusted that which recently gave birth to a little Alba .

Photos Michel Sarran: This "Happy Event" for his Girl Camille who upsets

 Photos Michel Sarran: This © Instagram Photos Michel Sarran: This "Happy Event" for his daughter Camille who upsets Michel Sarran did not have time. 'Boring since the end of the broadcast of Top Chef. In addition to the opening of his new addresses, the cook had another project on fire: the marriage of his second daughter, Camille. Michel SARRAN CRUQUE Life to the full teeth and it would be wrong not to enjoy it.

stressed, Camille Santoro leaves alone with his tribe on holiday

Camille Santoro had won the viewers: "This show also closer to you and I will never thank you enough for this incredible wave of love that you show us On a daily basis. Finally, I would say that there are so many incredible families to discover that it seemed normal to leave our place . And do not forget: impossible is not Santoro! ". But before finding, one last time, the tribe for the ultimate episodes of season 3 in September, the Santoro took advantage of the holidays. At the end of July, they grew the challenge of Escape to Santorini - " Santoro in Santorini! ", had declaimed the young woman - with the whole family. And this August 17, Camille decided to enjoy " still a little sun " and decided to leave, but only this time, with his six children! " A little challenge for me to leave alone with my 6. but everything will be well ," she posted, with a little apprehension on Instagram. The Internet users have been really amazed at the courage of the mother and did not fail to send him many encouragement messages. And finally, in Story , the young woman gave reassuring news, between two trains: " To quite you tell you, the children are irreproachable ," she announced, relieved. Provided that their stay is of the same taste.

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Soprano and Camille Combal: soon a new project for TF1! .
© Screenshot RTL Soprano and Camille Combal: Soon a new project for TF1! soprano was the guest of "we did the TV again! »Distributed on RTL waves this Saturday 13 November. The rapper revealed that he was working on an issue project for TF1 with Camille Combal. Soprano has a very busy agenda right now. Last September, he took out a new album called stars hunter with which he will start a stadium tour in 2022 .

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