Research: leasing industry in Germany grows

Tesla plans 55 new supercharger locations in Germany

 Tesla plans 55 new supercharger locations in Germany before opening his charging infrastructure for other electric cars and after a price increase, Tesla wants to create 55 new supercharger locations in Germany - an increase of 50 percent. © Tesla Supercharger with Models S and X - Tesla wants to expand in Germany. Germany's nationally, according to Tesla, there is a little more than 90 supercharger stations.

of artworks over wardrobes up to whole bee colors: leasing offers are now going far beyond the classic car alasing.

Dieter Schimanski von der Firma «Bee-Rent» transportiert in seinem Garten Kisten mit Mietbienen. © Carmen Jaspersen / DPA Dieter Schimanski from the company "Bee-Rent" transports boxes with rental bees in his garden.

«Today, people from lifestyle reasons and sustainability aspects would like to choose a subscription model from all industries," says Daniel Ishikawa, Managing Director of Lyght Living Furniture Leasing from the Hessian Rodgau. This is mainly for younger people. Ishikawa's company has specialized in the rental of furniture and electrical articles for the living and office area.

After 693 days, the wheels roll again: André Greipel rings his farewell tour an

 After 693 days, the wheels roll again: André Greipel rings his farewell tour an Long there was no race in Germany because of the pandemic. Accordingly, the anticipation of Germany tour with almost all German cycling stars. © Photo: Imago Images Altstar André Gripple rings with a home game his farewell tour.

The Corona pandemic also has an impact on the needs of consumers and companies. "Corona has led to the fact that life is even harder to plan. Many customers do not want to bind things to things in the long term, "he says.

You can also rent bees

sometimes the customers do not want to separate anymore, so the experience of Dieter Schimanski, owner of Bee-Rent from the Lower Saxony Ganderkesee, who has rented entire bee colonies on time since 2015. Let the joy be awakened at the Imern, the few wanted to stop again. "So the fewest customers give their bees back," says the beekeeper. Among its customers are mainly companies that use the honey for example for advertising purposes. In addition, the honeycomb will regularly become the company event for the employees of the companies, says Schimanski.

money back at leasing? BGH clears questions in diesel scandal

 money back at leasing? BGH clears questions in diesel scandal In the VW diesel scandal, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe today has to deal with the question for the first time today whether those affected are also due to the auto-leasing damages. © Jan Waitas / DPA central picture / dpa is also affected by car-leasing damages? In the case of Baden-Württemberg, it's about an Audi, equipped with the EA189 engine with illegal exhaust gas technology.

According to the Federal Association of German Leasing Companies (BDL), the popularity of the bleed models has been growing for some time. "New business has grown continuously to the pandemic in recent years and reached a record value in 2019," reports BDL spokeswoman Kathrin Dickhoff. In 2019, new treaties on assets in the acquisition value of € 76.9 billion (previous year: 69.1 billion) were completed in 2019. Despite the different new offers, cars and commercial vehicles are still in demand: they are clearly the largest object group with 79 percent.

like other industries, too, the leasing industry has not spared from the Corona crisis. In the pandemeal year 2020, new business declined by 8.6 percent. In the first half of 2021, however, the industry has recorded a strong recovery and catching effect, the association speaker says: New business has grown by 8.3 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

The most beautiful hiking trails in Germany 2021

 The most beautiful hiking trails in Germany 2021 Hiking in Corona times Boomt: Due to the restrictions on foreign trips, hiking holidays are becoming increasingly popular. In addition, hikers come in times of climate change and mindfulness "route" and not "stay on the track". Since even in autumn extended hiking tours are on the travel-to-do list of many hiking fans, the vote on the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany comes exactly at the right time. If you are still looking for the perfect route, we recommend one of the winning tours.

works of art on time for home

The owner of the Karlsruher Kunstverleihen Contemp-Rent, Yvonne Hohner, set in the pandemic at least for private customers a higher interest. Many people increased in the pandemic increasingly worth a nice home. "To find the right picture, however, takes time.» Customers could take home paintings and sculptures in the context of leasing. The fear of bad decisions take away from many private customers, she says.

The consumer Center Rhineland-Palatinate warns, however, to underestimate the cost of leasing objects. Often the acquisition costs of objects such as laptops or cell phones seemed very high, says Maximilian Heitkämper from the consumer center Rhineland-Palatinate. Many products are still cheaper in direct purchase than the total cost of a leasing contract, which consists of several months.

In addition, the maintenance of the lending item lies with a leasing contract in the responsibility of the customer. "If the item is breaking, you have to go straight," he says. Through any applicable repair costs, leasing could therefore be significantly more expensive than a direct purchase in the end.

Germany will close three of its last six nuclear power plants .
© Lennart Preiss / AFP Closure of three nuclear power plants in Germany Three of the last six German nuclear power plants will close Friday, December 31. The country wishes that renewable energies cover 80% of the electricity demand by 2030. the Germany will close, on Friday, December 31, 2021, three of its last six nuclear power plants, Brokdorf, Grohde reactors and Gundremmingen C, operated by E.ON and RWE electricity companies.

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