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Reviews: Semiconductor deficiency plays chip manufacturer TSMC in the cards

The Delage D12 Looks Like a Hallucination From Mushroom Mountain

  The Delage D12 Looks Like a Hallucination From Mushroom Mountain French automaker Delage returns nearly seven decades after shuttering its doors. The company’s latest machine bears the name D12, and it’s a far different animal from the first single-cylinder runabouts the company originally built and sold in the first decade of the 20th century (or the Grand Prix racers with advanced—and tiny—V-12 engines that came later). © Manufacturer Delage D12 4 Like the since disbanded hip-hop group of the same name, the D12 belts out a distinct sound from its pipes. Except instead of vocal cords, the Delage's song comes courtesy of a mid-mounted 7.

The global semiconductor deficiency continues. This makes the Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC optimistic about the future.

Chiphersteller TSMC blickt optimistisch auf den weiteren Jahresverlauf. © ToyW / Shutterstock Chip manufacturer TSMC looks optimistic about the further year. The Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC benefits from global semiconductor deficiency . Sales and profits climbed significantly in the second quarter compared to the same period of the previous year. The Group looks optimistic about the further year and expects to be strong in the revenues 2021, such as TSMC announced on Thursday. The high demand of automakers, PC suppliers and many other industries after chips plays TSMC in the cards.

iPhone 13: Apple gives 90 million units for 2021 commissioned

This Not-a-Ferrari Is Getting a Bespoke V-12 Engine

  This Not-a-Ferrari Is Getting a Bespoke V-12 Engine Plenty of Ferrari fanatics want a real 250 GTO. Few, if any, will get one of these iconic and rare sports cars. That’s why folks have been building their dream cars out of less desirable cars, or even whole-cloth from kits or replicas, for decades. Who has $48 million laying around, anyways? That’s where anOriginal in the sense that it's inspired by, but not based on, a legendary Ferrari. The Squalo won't even utilize a Ferrari engine; instead, the company will engineer and build a 4.0-liter V-12 specifically for the retro coupe. That engine is what you see here.

The surplus in the second quarter rose by around 11 percent to 134 billion Taiwan dollars (around 4.1 billion euros). However, the company cut a bit weaker than experts expect. Sales rose around one-fifth to 372 billion Taiwan dollars.

TSMC Supplies Apple

TSMC is the world's largest assembly manufacturer of chips and wafers, the base plates for electronic semiconductors. Among the biggest customers is the iPhone manufacturer Apple. But TSMC also provides chips for televisions or vehicles. The Group could also benefit from the fact that Apple insiders are planning the production of up to 90 million iPhones this year, significantly more than before.

Due to the part desperate search of large corporations after semiconductor devices , TSMC has moved to the center of a distribution campaign. Chips are close to automakers and entertainment industries. This has led to supply chains in danger and production of products such as game consoles are taken to stalls. TSMC expects the situation to stop until the coming year. dpa

What You Need to Know About the Automotive Microchip Shortage .
What You Need to Know About the Automotive Microchip ShortageAs with so many aspects of life these days, the COVID-19 pandemic is ultimately to blame, sending ripples out into the auto industry by way of the companies that make high-tech semiconductor microchips, which power all kinds of computerized vehicle systems.

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