Reviews: "Feel-Good" at Corona Tech shares came to an end 2021

forgot hydrogen! The profitable tech revolution is already running

 forgot hydrogen! The profitable tech revolution is already running © provided by The Motley Fool, Inc digitization, networking Börsian tend to find the next big thing. Otherwise, the airy ratings are to be explained in many hydrogen shares. Whether the technology will ever work and which of the companies in the segment thus earn money is at the highest degree. Trends that are long ago are often overlooked at this Hatz. Digitization is unstoppable. The great American technology companies with today stand as a clear winner.

feel good at tech shares benefited from the coronavirus. Who did not like to put on telemedicine, streaming, video games or e-commerce? It seemed for a long time than there would be a sustainable, significant revaluation of these shares. The blue from the sky seemed to have been the limit. At least in 2020 and until February this year.

Crash: Blick in den Abgrund Korrektur Börsencrash Aktiencrash © Provided by The Motley Fool Crash: View into the Abyss Correction Börsecrash Stock Crash

What followed is a significant sales of many tech shares. Telemedicine, smaller streaming companies, digitizers or other tech shares? are suddenly 50% or partially still in minus. What happened to the Feel-Good Vibes? In any case, they have dissolved in air . But also sustainable?

rights want new state parliament in Bavaria: a referendum with low chances of success

 rights want new state parliament in Bavaria: a referendum with low chances of success The "Alliance Landtag recalled" is supported by the AFD and lateral monasteries. The participation in the vote is so far low. © Photo: Peter Kneffel / DPA The referendum is still running until the 27th of October. The Rathauser in all of Bavaria are open for a referendum, which has never been in the Free State: Citizens can enter into signature lists for the demand to consume the state parliament. The initiators belong to the so-called lateral thinking scene against the Corona policy.

In the end, we can say: what happened in 2021 with these shares is significant. But it also means a lot of potential. Feel-Good is finally deceptive in many ways, which has shown the past weeks and months. But: Feel bath is not a reliable guide to investment decisions.

Feel-Good at Corona Tech Shares: Off. Past. End

that this Feel-Good feeling is finished in 2021 at Corona Tech shares, may have been significant for the past twelve or maybe so about ten months. But it is also extremely relevant for the future. We are in a market phase, which suddenly seems to be difficult again. Or more difficult when it comes to identifying the strong profiters of tomorrow.

There are still deferred doubts about the general assessment of the stock markets. DAX, S & P 500 and other global indices are still highlighting high. This is in turn in parts of mainstream tech shares. But also the most recently critical, cyclical segments such as the automotive industry and generally producing the manufacturing industry have set a turnaround in 2021. In this respect, I would say: The valuation levels have normalized or balanced. Nevertheless, due to the high valuation standards, no feel-good feeling would still like to be concerned in some investors, which invest in general.

Corona: Söder demands nationwide 3G duty at work

 Corona: Söder demands nationwide 3G duty at work The number of coronain infections rises rapidly. The Bavarian Prime Minister now urges more sharply - and criticizes the constant vaccination commission. © Peter Kneffel / DPA The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder ( CSU ) has spoken out for a 3G duty in companies. Background are the strongly rising corona numbers. "It takes mandatory 3G in the workplace throughout Germany ," Söder said the newspapers of the Funke Media Group.

Exactly in combination with favorable corona tech shares can be the potential for the future. Such innovative business models do not end with favorable reviews. No, but merely the mood situation on the stock markets has turned. In terms of perspective and in the long term e-commerce, telemedicine and digitization continue to grow growth markets that can be built in the long term. Maybe more than ever what your potential is concerned with a look at a cheaper rating. Opportunist and acting against their own feel good intention is a good remedy of choice at the moment.

Do not let feelings guide

Feel-Good: Who does not like it? The pleasant feeling that the stock markets are evidently increasingly rising? Or corona tech shares or what opportunities is always. Actually, one should be careful at this point as Foolisher Investor. The past weeks have also shown here that sales can otherwise be the result.

Innovation Stock of the Week: Agco - with Agri-Tech benefit from inflation

 Innovation Stock of the Week: Agco - with Agri-Tech benefit from inflation AGCO: Innovation leader © Börse Online The agriculture is changing. Autonomous tractors, harvesters with sensors and self-learning algorithms, drone use for weed control. In the middle of Agco, the US company, which produces mainly combine harvesters and tractors under the Brands Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra and Challenger. As the quantic IP Innovation Score ** indicates, the company is very innovative compared to the competition.

, however, has now come with less feel-good feeling time to focus on innovative opportunities with a cheaper price. Anyway, what I would take in the year 2022 from 2021. Even if this realization does not feel so good: it can bring a lot of return.

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First National Corona Protection Rules Fall Walk .
Even if some corona editions are now being revoked due to the Infection Protection Act: the federal states use a transitional period as a brake lever. And others have their problems with the law. © Hauke-Christian Dittrich / DPA / Picture Alliance The railway is the 3G evidence - as a vaccinated, ganzen or tested - no longer needed regardless of high corona infection numbers falling first nationwide protection pads in Germany way .

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