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Reviews: dieselgate. Prosecutions against Volkswagen, confirmed by the Paris Court of Appeal

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Volkswagen avait reconnu avoir équipé 11 millions de ses véhicules diesel d’un logiciel capable de les faire apparaître moins polluants. Photo d’illustration. © Francois Lenoir / Archives Reuters Volkswagen had recognized having equipped with 11 million of its diesel vehicles of software capable of making them appear less polluting. Photo Stock Illustration.

In the Dieselgate case, the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed the prosecution against Volkswagen for "deception on a commodity leading to a danger to the health of man or animal".

The Paris Court of Appeal confirmed on Wednesday 19 January the prosecution of Volkswagen in the file of dieselgate , while the company requested their abandonment because of of a parallel procedure in Germany , indicated a judicial source requested. by AFP.

First Drive: 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI

  First Drive: 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI \Since its introduction in 1983, the VW Golf GTI has defined the hot-hatch phenomenon. Now in its eighth-generation, VW has pushed the latest GTI further than many expected. This time around it’s sharper, faster and it has a slick new cabin. The combination reaffirms its place as one of the top hot-hatch rides. It will be offered in base, Autobahn, and Performance derivatives when it arrives at the end of this month. Beneath the sharp sheet Beneath the sharp sheet metal, the GTI’s 2.0-litre turbo-four now makes 241 horsepower, which is up 13 hp, and 273 pound-feet of torque (up 15 lb-ft). This gives it much better pull over a broader range, which makes the drive feel so much more alive.

The Chamber of Instruction of the Paris Court of Appeal rejected the application filed by the SA Volkswagen AG for the extinction of prosecutions because of a procedure made in Germany. The instruction continues with the facts in question, this judicial source said.

In 2015, following charges of the US Environmental Agency, Volkswagen had recognized having equipped 11 million diesel vehicles with software capable of making them appear less polluting during laboratory tests than on the roads .

The company intends to appeal in Cassation

after five years of investigation in France, Volkswagen, Renault, Peugeot, Citroën and Fiat-Chrysler were finally indicted between May and July in Paris for "deception on a commodity resulting in a danger for the health of man or animal ".

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The lawyer of the car manufacturer, Mr. Nicolas Huc-Morel, confirmed Wednesday the reversal inflicted by the Court of Appeal, stressing that this decision did not prejudge the outcome of the criminal proceedings. The company intends to appeal in cassation.

The procedure against Volkswagen AG was completed in Germany in 2018 with the payment of a fine of one billion euros for identical alleged facts, including vehicles marketed in France. The payment of this fine by Volkswagen nevertheless implies any recognition of the alleged facts or its responsibility, emphasized the Council.

"Good news for the victims"

Volkswagen AG remains convinced that a double condemnation for identical alleged facts should be proscribed in accordance with the NE bis in idem (one can not be judged twice for the same facts) applicable in the Present case, again insisted me Huc-Morel.

This is good news for the victims, welcomed me François Lafforgue, lawyer of the associations Ecology without borders, breathes and about 100 vehicle owners of the brand. We ask that the instruction will continue in the very deadlines and succeeds as soon as possible to a referral of those responsible to the Criminal Court, he added.

The dieselgate, which gave rise to legal actions in many countries, has already cost 30 billion euros in Volkswagen, largely in the United States where the German group pleaded guilty of fraud in 2017.

The Fraud (DGCCRF) repression referred to in a report in 2017 a comprehensive strategy of the relevant builders to make fraudulent engines and then to market them.

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