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Reviews: virologist Kekule: Moving vaccination for clinic and nursing staff

United States. In Texas, vaccination comes up against a high resistance

 United States. In Texas, vaccination comes up against a high resistance © Elie Courboulay, West-France Anti-vaccination protesters in Austin, the capital of Texas, a state where nearly half of the population is not vaccinated. After a speed of vaccination campaign at full speed, the vaccinated rate stagnates in the United States, in November 2021. At issue, the resistance of the southern states and the Midwest. Reporting. They are about twenty to have given you an appointment in front of the siege of the Texas Parliament in the United States.

The virologist Alexander Kekulé pleads for postponing the vaccination obligation for clinic and nursing personnel. For the spreading omikron wave, the vaccination requirement in March is far too late, Kekulé said on Thursday MDR current. If the policy would have acted in November, the effect would have come to a timely manner.

  Virologe Kekulé: Impfpflicht für Klinik- und Pflegepersonal verschieben © Provided by Berliner Zeitung

It is becoming increasingly clear that the omikron variant is easier to trigger for infections. "This does not overload the intensive care units." The main problem are many lighter cases that should be discussed if they all needed to go to the hospital. Therefore, in his opinion, it should be examined whether the vaccination requirement for staff is at the right time. He would be to change the transitional period.

should not be tilted, but not the vaccination obligation for professionals in clinics and nursing facilities. "I think you can and should require that of these people." The vaccinations should be effective at the latest when the next larger corona wave came - he expect them in autumn.

Health Insurance holds Corona vaccinations for non-implementable .
Berlin. An opinion of the top association of the statutory health insurance companies for corona vaccinations has taken care of on Monday for swirling. Experts doubt the feasibility - among other things due to paper deficiency in Europe. © Daniel Karmann A person receives an imperfection against Covid-19 (archive photo).

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