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Reviews: Michel Legrand: Three concerts at the home of the radio for a double anniversary

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disappeared three years ago, on January 26, 2019, the legendary composer, pianist, singer and arranger would celebrate his 90 years on February 24th. To pay tribute, Radio France presents three concerts around its film music between Thursday and Saturday, with three approaches: vocal, symphonic and jazzistic.

  Michel Legrand : trois concerts à la Maison de la Radio pour un double anniversaire © Provided by FranceInfo

Natalie Dessay, the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, the Sacre of the Tympan, Camille Bertault, Macha Méril ... Personalities and various training teams together to pay tribute to Michel Legrand over three evenings. Three prestige concerts for two birthdays. To commemorate both the second anniversary of his disappearance on January 26, 2019 and the 90th anniversary of his birth on February 24, Radio France organizes a mini-festival under the banner "Michel Legrand makes his cinema" .

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The famous composer, who shone in the writing of film music (at the service of filmmakers like Jacques Demy and Jean-Luc Godard) and in the jazz, and who is also illustrated in the song, pop and classical music , is naturally honored via various aesthetics.

legrand "enchanted" by female voices

Thursday, January 27, the singers Natalie Dessay (who sang a lot Legrand and recorded a record with him) and Camille Bertault, as well as the comedian Macha Méril who was the last wife of Michel Legrand , give their voices to the concert of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France . The latter will be under the direction of Mathieu Herzog, with the reinforcement of known soloists in the world of jazz among which the trumpet player Claude Egea. On the program, songs from the partitions that Legrand composed for cinema, but also songs that he coated with Claude Nougaro.

Michel Polnareff: He will sign his big comeback with an amazing project

 Michel Polnareff: He will sign his big comeback with an amazing project © JLPPA / BESTIMAGE Michel Polnareff: He will sign his great return with an amazing project the singer will come back in May with an immersive experience called Polnareves. He announced it on his Twitter account, this Sunday, January 16, Michel Polnareff will make his great return after four years of absence . On May 5, in the Theater Le Palace, in Paris, the fans of the singer of "Letter to France" will be able to discover Polnareves, that the singer describes as an immersive experience.

The concert is broadcast on Thursday from 20 hours on France Music , but also in video in Livestream on Arte Concert (we also find the link at the bottom of the web page of the concert on the site of Radio France).

Legrand Symphonic

Friday 28 January, the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra proposes this time an concert purely symphonic around the many film music (a summer 42, Cleo from 5 to 7 ...) of the French composer. The training will be directed this time by Bastien Stil, with the help of instrumental soloists from the jazz.

The concert is broadcast on Friday night from 20 hours on France Music , but also in video via Arte Concert (also link at the bottom of the Web page of the event).

Legrand, Color Jazz

Saturday night, the tribute to Michel Legrand ends with the tasty Big Jazz jazz band of the Tympan

, founded and directed by Fred Pallem. Jazz was the great passion of the composer of the soundtrack of Rochefort's bridesmaids. Some of his songs have become standards. Fred Pallem decided to revisit cult themes from Michel Legrand's repertoire, but also a few rarities. Alongside the Tympan Sacre, a 21-string orchestrator will bring its particular colors. He will be headed by Mathieu Herzog, already at the Concert of Thursday evening.

The evening is broadcast live on Friday from 20 hours on France Music , but also in video (link available at the bottom of the Web page of the

event). X1

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