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Reviews: Green Housefficient: Kindler doubts $ 100 billion package for Bundeswehr to

Sandrine Rousseau is refreshing the "Emergency Patient Package" of 19 euros

 Sandrine Rousseau is refreshing the From January 1, a package of 19 euros will be requested at the exit of the emergencies if you are not hospitalized. The amount will be refunded afterwards if you have your vital card and your mutual. © Copyright 2021, OBS will soon have to pay emergencies without being hospitalized. Announced in October 2020 and voted as part of the Social Security Financing Bill 2021, an "Emergency Patient Package" of 19.61 euros will be set up on January 1st.

Green budget expert Kindler presents 100 billion package for Bundeswehr Inquiring the budgetary spokesman of the Green Bundestag Faction, Sven-Christian Kindler, wants the planned special fund of 100 billion Euro for the Bundeswehr so ​​do not carry. Among other things, he warns that "to narrow the concept of the security to the Bundeswehr". The Greens would look at the plans "very close in the Bundestag," says Kindler.

Sven-Christian Kindler, haushaltspolitische Sprecher der Grünen-Bundestagsfraktion © Picture Alliance / DPA Sven-Christian Kindler, Household Speakers of the Green Bundestag Faction

Mr. Kindler, the Federal Government wants to provide a special assets of 100 billion euros for the Bundeswehr. Do you agree?

personal protection for boss of the Corona Crisis Staff

 personal protection for boss of the Corona Crisis Staff Berlin. According to a media report, the boss of the Corona Crisis Staff in the Chancellery, Generalmajor Carsten Breuer, has been under personal protection since its office. Obviously, the responsible possible attacks of Coronalians fear. © Martin Rugut Generalmajor Carsten Breuer (archive image). The soldier, who is to coordinate the fight against the pandemic for the Federal Government, is apparent to a "mirror" report obviously as particularly danger by possible attacks by coronalians.

Kindler: nobody denies us that the Bundeswehr has to be adequately equipped. With the terrible attack war Putin's against Ukraine, this task arouses again. However, there are several critical questions at the special fund announced by the Chancellor.

Do you have content concerns?

The Bundeswehr has gotten massively more money in recent years. The defense set was 32 billion in 2014, and this year it should be 50 billion. Nevertheless, the Bundeswehr soldiers in Lithuania freeze because warm underpants and thick winter jackets are missing. Where did all the billions have stayed? The Ministry of Defense has significantly greater problems than missing financial resources. The Bundeswehr is a fundamental structural reform with clear priorities, significantly more efficiency and hard controlling necessary, especially in procurement.

government plans rapidly further relief due to high energy costs

 government plans rapidly further relief due to high energy costs Berlin (Reuters) - The Federal Government not even announces further aids for three weeks after the recent relief package because of the exploding energy prices. © Reuters Archive: A socket in a house in Brussels, Belgium, 12th August 2017. Reuters / Eric Vidal This is now voted in a very short time, a government spokesman said on Monday in Berlin. I did not want to call details yet. Finance Minister Christian Lindner Presche with the proposal to introduce a tank discount temporary.

What is still missing?

It is also wrong to narrow the security term unilaterally to the Bundeswehr. In Germany, we have to end as soon as possible as possible the dependence on Putin's gas, coal and oil. This is best about fast investment in renewable energies, green hydrogen and energy efficiency in all sectors of the economy. We must now secure this large transformation in the household concretely and take it into the hand for it. In addition, civilian crisis prevention, humanitarian aid, diplomacy and development cooperation are centrally located for safety and peace in the world. The funds for this are coupled in the coalition agreement to the development of the defense issue.

can the 100 billion euros can be financed from your point of view? And if so, how?

We discuss the path of a special fund. Investments in safety include not only the military but also spending on humanitarian and peacekeeping challenges and for our energy sovereignty away from fossil resources. The financing of a broad packet for military, energy policy and humanitarian security should be secured in historically low interest rates on loans.

Car Review: 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

  Car Review: 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid It seems there are two types of hybrid buyers. Some want something that looks unusual and tells the world what’s under the hood, while others prefer to keep it quiet. Those latter folks would be more likely to get into my tester, Toyota’s 2022 Corolla Hybrid, which you likely wouldn’t pick out otherwise if you didn’t notice its discreet little badge. It indicates a gas-electric powertrain that sips a small enough amount of fuel, and a price tag sufficiently in line with the conventional models, that I likely wouldn’t buy a Corolla that wasn’t a hybrid. Regular Corolla models start at $19,450 for the base L trim, and top out at $29,050 for the XSE.

The current emergency with the war in Europe has a massive impact on our safety, energy supply, humanitarian aid, on the economic and social situation in the country. Of course, this also has consequences for the amount of new debt over the next few years. I think it is easy for us to even have to draw 2023 the emergency rule of the debt brake. You can not exclude that seriously.

In addition, more than two percent of the gross domestic product should be issued for defense in the future.

How do you rate that?

We should spend this for the defense, which is concretely necessary and not orient us to an abstract quote. Otherwise we would also have to reduce the funds with every business slap. We are well advised to orient the expenditure of the state on the actual need.

What do your concerns mean for the concrete parliamentary procedure? Will the Greens block in the Bundestag?

We will look very closely at this in the Bundestag. Parliament is the budget legislature. Rarely, a law goes out of the Bundestag as it has come in. This is also valid here. (RND)

US banks weaken in the first quarter .
Ukraine War, inflation worries, stock market billing: The prelude of the new fiscal year was difficult for the successful US banks. © Justin Lane / EPA / DPA The US financial corporation Citigroup has started significantly less profit in the financial year. The industry sizes Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo had to cope with significant profit declines in the first quarter. In view of high geopolitical and economic risks, the outlook sees behavior.

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