Reviews: Nemetschek share far in the plus: Nemetschek remains optimistic for 2022

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The construction software company Nemetschek is optimistic about 2022.

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in the current year If the currency-adjusted sales increase by 12 to 14 percent, the company announced. The EBITDA margin should be between 32 and 33 percent 2022.

Last year, consolidated sales increased by 14.2 percent and currency-adjusted by 15.6 percent to 681.5 million euros. As a result, currency-adjusted group growth was slightly higher than in July 2021 forecastor riddle from 12 to 14 percent. The operating consolidated result before interest, taxes and depreciation (EBITDA) increased by 28.8 percent to 222.0 million euros.

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As a result, the EBITDA margin increased by 3.7 percentage points to 32.6 percent. It was above the forecasting classor adapted in July upwards from 30 to 32 percent. Net income increased by 38.9 percent to 134.6 million euros. Accordingly, earnings per share grew to 1.17 euros (2020: 0.84 euros).

Nemetschek proposes to increase the dividend by 30 percent to EUR 0.39 per share for the financial year 2021.

Nemetschek shares benefit from strong outlook

The software provider Nemetschek has dotted on Tuesday with a surprisingly good view of the investors. The shares, which have come under pressure in recent weeks, temporarily jumped more than 13 percent to the highest level since the beginning of January and over their 200-day lines. In the late morning, the share certificates led the index of the medium-sized enterprise MDAX still with a surcharge of 7.5 percent at 87.78 euros as a clear favorite.

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The new company chief Yves Padrines has set higher goals specialized in building and design software for the current year higher goals than expected on the market. While the Executive Board concludes a sales increase of twelve to 14 percent, experts had only 2022 an increase of around ten percent on the note. The profitability should be between 32 and 33 percent (EBITDA margin) according to the company. Again, analysts generated so far with less.

Barclays -Analyst Sven empties after the company presentation of a strong outlook of the software vendor, especially against the background of slight load due to the changeover to the abomodell. Unlike in the past, however, the forecast appears less conservative and has little scope for possible economic expenses in the course of Ukraine war. He also keeps a part of the surprise for already priced.

Even with Knut Woller from Baader Bank, the company's goals came well. Nemetschek had delivered good results even in a difficult environment, the industry expert commented in a first assessment. The outlook for 2022 leaving a continued strong business development.

With the current price gains, the Nemetschek paper has caught up with around half of its setback from the November record at € 116.15. The share last had to be significantly feathered with the general tech weakness in the market. Investors switched down a gear in view of rising capital market interest rates. Nemetschek shares landed at 68.40 euros at 68.40 euros at the beginning of March. Frankfurt (Dow Jones / DPA-AFX)

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