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 Original Bad Boys-Porsche is sold: so much brought Smith's 911er! wants Smith as a previous owner: "Bad Boys" Porsche is auctioned for millions of charge © Mecum Auctions "This is the coolest car in human history" - even almost 30 years after "Bad Boys - Hard guys" come fans at Sight of this Porsche 911 are still swarming. A scene has made it pendants of the action movie on YouTube. Detective Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) rescues his partner Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) from a hangar who spectacularly flies seconds in the air.

Porsche SE has benefited 2021 from the good business development of Volkswagen AG and significantly increased profit.

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For the new full year, the holding of the families of Porsche and Piech, which holds the majority of Volkswagen ordinary shares , expects at best with a further significant increase in earnings.

The consolidated profit after taxes was 2021, according to Communication 4.6 billion euros after 2.6 billion euros in the same period of the previous year, as the impact of the Corona Pandemic burdened. The result from the Volkswagen participation of 4.6 (previous year: 2.7) billion euros contributed to this. The net liquidity of the Porsche SE amounted to € 641 million as at 31 December 2021, after 563 million in the previous year.

Financial Investments: Crowdfunding Real Estate has been popularized

 Financial Investments: Crowdfunding Real Estate has been popularized © West-France here, a real estate construction project in Caen. Participatory financing platforms dedicated to real estate have increasingly the rating among individuals. Although COVID has slowed out the yards of three to six months. There are still a dozen years, investing in real estate asked both a lot of time and money.

"Despite the burdens from the Covid 19 pandemic and a persistently tense supply situation in case of semiconductors, our consolidated result has developed well," Porsche-Se-Ceo Hans Dieter Pötsch said loudly.

In the current year, Porsche SE expects $ 4.1 billion to $ 6.1 billion. Liquidity should be between 0.6 and 1.1 billion euros at the end of the year in a corridor. The forecast contains no effects from a possible IPO of Porsche AG and any acquisition of ordinary shares at Porsche AG through the Porsche SE. In addition, the global impact of the war against Ukraine is subject to high uncertainty.

Porsche SE Lotes financing for the IPO of Porsche AG from

The Volkswagen-Dachgesellschaft Porsche SE (PSE) is equivalent to a winning jump last year for the IPO of VW subsidiary Porsche AG . "We work on financing plans to be robust in different evaluation scenarios for the IPO," said Porsche-SE boss Hans Dieter Pötsch, according to the report text at the balance sheet template on Tuesday in Stuttgart. The Porsche SE has an equity ratio of over 99 percent and a positive net liquidity. "This is a great funding potential for us."

VW share: Volkswagen doubles Operating Result

 VW share: Volkswagen doubles Operating Result The Volkswagen Group has benefited in particular of good transactions of the two premium brands of Audi and Porsche and the core brand last year. © Provided by Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images But also the financial service business achieved a surprisingly high billions of billions in view of the high demand and enormous prices. Overall, the Wolfsburg's twelve marker, known since Friday, achieved a doubling of the operational profit.

The VW Group pages a billion-darning IPO of his sports car builders Porsche AG. The Families Porsche and Piëch want to receive direct access to the sports car manufacturer with the family name via their automotive Holding Porsche SE listed in DAX .

A barrier minority of the Porsche AG ordinary shares of a good 25 percent would go to the PSE at which the Porsches and Piëchs have said that. Up to a quarter of preference shares, Volkswagen wants to place over a sub-exception. From the gross revenue of the IPO and the selling price of ordinary shares VW wants to distribute a total of almost half as a special dividend to the shareholders - which requires the approval of the Annual General Meeting.

is based on valuation estimates of analysts between 80 and 100 billion euros for Porsche AG, the deal could be heavy up to a total of 25 billion euros. The Porsche SE had a net liquidity of 641 million euros at the end of 2021. For the end of 2022, the Executive Board will divide 0.6 to 1.1 billion euros. It does not include effects from the Porsche IPO and other investments and sales.

Porsche: Strong business numbers and an electro-offensive

 Porsche: Strong business numbers and an electro-offensive Porsche AG can look back on a historically good financial year 2021. "The most successful in the history of Porsche," said the CEO Oliver Flower in the presentation of the annual report on Friday in Stuttgart. © Christoph Schmidt / DPA Porsche applies to the VW Group as Return Pearl. Both the sales and operating result were recorded records. Sales rose by more than 15 percent to 33.1 billion euros, operating profit by 27 percent to 5.3 billion euros.

"The actual implementation of the IPO depends on a variety of different factors, such as the general market conditions," said Pötsch on Tuesday. Final decisions have not yet been taken.

In the past year, the Porsche SE deserved 4.6 billion euros and thus around 2 billion more than in the first Corona year 2020. Almost all profit is due to the results of the Volkswagen Group. For 2022, Porsche SE will divide a profit between € 4.1 and 6.1 billion euros. The effects of the targeted IPO are excluded. In addition, the global impact of the war against Ukraine is subject to high uncertainty, it was said.

As already known, the shareholders of Porsche SE can expect an increased dividend for the past year. The preferred share the distribution should increase by 35 cents to 2.56 euros. For each common share, 2.554 euros are to flow, also a plus of 35 cents. The main business of Porsche SE is the participation in the Volkswagen Group with 53.3 percent of voting rights and 31.4 percent of the capital shares.

The Porsche share temporarily wins 1.33 percent in Xetra trading to 85.36 euros.frankfurt (Dow Jones) / Stuttgart (DPA-AFX)

Porsche-LMDH ends three-day test in Spa-Francorchamps .
Porsche and Penske have completed a three-day test on the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps and has also shown moving pictures. Information is currently sparsely, but Porsche is called that more than 200 rounds were covered. © Motorsport Photo Since a round is quite exactly seven kilometers long, over 1,400 kilometers were plucked on three days. Porsche has uploaded some pictures and videos of the prototypes based on a multimatic chassis in the social media.

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