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Reviews: AMG shows designs for DTM 2022: Götz remains pink, new optics for Schumacher

BMW announces driver 2022: Glock remains, Spengler in front of DTM comeback?

 BMW announces driver 2022: Glock remains, Spengler in front of DTM comeback? © bmw bruno spengler may calculate opportunities on DTM comeback BMW has announced its factory drivers for the 2022 season in a press release: and apart from Martin Tomczyk, who ended his career , and Maximilian Günther, who after the BMW exit from Formula E now drives for Nissan, there are no departures compared to the previous year.

Mercedes-AMG has presented the designs for the upcoming DTM season. Underneath you will find many well-known colors, but also some innovations: Master Maximilian Götz, who drives this year with the start number 1, takes his pink BWT design from HRT to the Winward team, which does not have to reserve the fans in his case.

Motorsport photo © Motorsport Photo

This is different in the case of Götz 'teammates Lucas Auer, because the Austrian will take over the blue-white Knaus design of his last year's teammate Philip Ellis this year. This has to do that Remus does not act as a sponsor with the star this year.

In addition, there is also a completely new design at the German-Texan Winward team through new arrival David Schumacher: The 20-year-old ex-formula 3 pilot will be in its first DTM season with a painting of the lubricant manufacturer Ravenol to the Go to start.

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at Hubert Hart HRT troops can be found the well-known Bilstein design, which was used in the previous year of AMG graduates Vincent Abril and is now proud of Luca. There is a completely new formation of the new Sponsor Paul, a technology company for building designation, which also supports the Timo Bernhard Porsche team. The Blue-White Mercedes-AMG GT3 from HRT is controlled 2022 by Arjun Maini.

at the group team, which is also one of the factory-assisted race stables, find the pink BWT design again, which is known from the previous year from Daniel Juncadella. This season will take successor and DTM returner Maro Engel with the painting.

This ensures a familiar look, because also in the ADAC GT Masters Angel 2021 was on Toksport WRT in Pink. As the Bolide of the Canadian DTM newcomer Mikael Grenier will look like, a question mark remains and will be submitted for the start of the season.

The Mücke team will start 2022 as in the previous year with a design of Schaeffler-Paravan. The new Mercedes-AMG GT3 from Maximilian Buhk, which is equipped with the space-drive system, was optically subjected to a facelift.

An update with all designs will follow shortly at this point

with images of Daimler.

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Current Stand Before the 30th Matchday Place One: FC Schalke 04 © imago images / Treese Schalke_Jubel_Rest Program The FC Schalke is located before the 30th matchday in place one with 53 Points and a goal ratio of 59:53. matchday opens date first leg 30. matchday sv darmstadt 98 4. (a) so 17.04.2022 13:30 2: 4 31st matchday Werder Bremen 2. (H) Sat 23.04.2022 13:30 1: 1 32. Game day SV Sandhausen 15. (A) Fri 29.04.2022 18:30 5: 2 33. Gameday FC St. Pauli 3. (H) Sat 07.05.2022 20:30 1: 2 34.

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