Reviews: Marko: Vettel at Aston Martin little motivated

Coutinho joins Aston Villa (Official)

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Munich There are not many, the Sebastian Vettel knows how he really is; But Helmut Marko belongs to this little circle. And the Red-Bull MotorsportsConsultant has already represented a year ago in an interview that the four-time world champion should not have changed to Aston Martin at the end of 2020, but would have been better in 2021 "a year break" to sort and sort and To ask yourself what he wants ".

Sebastian Vettel © Getty Sebastian Vettel

One year later, Vettel's location has not been felt better. Aston Martin has fallen further in the chopping order of Formula 1 and now has a new title sponsor with the Saudi Arabic mineral oil company ARAMCO, which many of the values ​​are projected, the Vettel rejected in his use for the environment and human rights deeply.

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Marko has, from this he does not make a secret, his opinion not changed. And do not believe that the new "Ground-Effect Cars" will lead overnight that Vettel on the racetrack can play his old strengths and drive on the podium.

Marko believes in missing motivation at Vettel

"First Aston Martin has to build a more competitive car. Because if you drive outside the points, then the motivation is not the utmost," explains the Red-Bull Motor SportsConsult in an exclusive interview on the YouTube Channel of "", which has been activated for all users since Friday afternoon.

The theory that the "Ground-Effect" Vettel could contribute similar to the "Blown Diffuser Cars", which produced extremely much grip, especially in fast curves, Marko would not be blindly signed: "That can not be compared "He says, among other things because of the 18-inch wheels, which were reintroduced 2022.

Coutinho to another Premier League club

 Coutinho to another Premier League club The Brazilian environment Philippe Coutinho could leave the next summer Aston Villa for another formation of the English elite. © Panoramic Philippe Coutinho Aston Villa The Arsenal gunners would be willing to formulate an offer for the recruitment of the International Auriverde, Philippe Coutinho. The latter is under contract with Barcelona, ​​ but there is little chance that it returns it following its loan period in Aston Villa. A loan that is revealed, moreover, more fruitful.

Video: Marko: Why he estimates Ferrari more than Mercedes (

But he is convinced: "A motivated Vettel" could still be around with a car that permits that Fighting podium sites in Formula 1. "That's what you saw in Baku, and in Monte Carlo, he was also very fast. [...] But where Aston Martin is currently standing, I do not believe that the motivation will be too big."

goes Vettel to Alphatauri?

of the 78-year-old admits that he is still "in loose contact" with Vettel, but about "other topics" will be much more talked about the formula 1. Finally, the friendly connection is also after the outlet of the four times World Champion by Red Bull never quite demolished at the end of 2014.

remains the question of how Red Bull would react, Vettel should express the desire to end his career in 2023 where she started right, namely at Alphatauri. If Pierre Gasly really was to get a second chance at Red Bull Racing, there could be a place free there. But Marko beckons: "I do not think he does not come with this."

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