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Reviews: Formula 1: Fia defends SafetyCar from Aston Martin to criticism of Max Stappen

Spectacular view Now see in each Formula 1 race

 Spectacular view Now see in each Formula 1 race The formula 1 represents an innovation from the preseason immediately in each race. Fans can ride live with Hamilton and Co.. © Provided by Spectacular view now visible in every Formula 1 race There are unique perspectives, in whose enjoyment now the Formula 1 fans come! As the F1 officers now announced, the helmet camera will now be used in each race from the new season.

for Aston Martin has not yet runs since the entry into Formula 1. That's no longer just for the racing team, but even for your own safetyycar. Now even the FIA ​​contemplates.

  Formel 1: Fia verteidigt Safetycar von Aston Martin nach Kritik von Max Verstappen © Imago / High Two / Imago / Hochzwei

for Aston Martin does not work in the new Formula 1 season yet. The team around Sebastian Vettel has not yet a WM point after the first three races as the only Rennstall . And even the SafetyCar of the British automaker ensures criticism. "This Aston Martin is slowly like a turtle," World Champion Max Flight at the Grand Prix of Australia , and thus the red-bull pilot was not alone.

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Otmar Szafnauer and the "two popes": Why he left Aston Martin

 Otmar Szafnauer and the © Motorsport Images Otmar Szafnauer at the test trips in Bahrain The new Alpine Formula 1 team boss Otmar Szafnauer made it clear that its authority at Aston Martin was undermined, and noted that a Formula 1 team could not be guided by "two Päpsten". In the context of the test drives in Bahrain, SzaFnauer declared that his work at Aston Martin stood under the owner Lawrence Stroll in the complete contrast than before under the lead Vijay Mallyas.

Charles Leclerc , World Cup-leading in Ferrari , wanted to complain during the race "almost on the radio," as he said. Then he saw how the safetyycar slipped into the curves and do not want to exercise pressure, Leclerc said.

Now even the FIA turns on. In a statement, the World Association of Aston Martin defended and referred to the function of SafetyCar, namely the security of all those involved. The speed of Safetycar is generally determined by the race line and not of the capabilities of the car, it was said. The FIA ​​referred in its statement that the SafetyCars of both manufacturers are high performance vehicles.

Since the past season, two automakers have the SafetyCar. Mercedes and Aston Martin share the racing calendar, in Melbourne the Aston Martin had his first appearance.

Help for new Formula 1 race master: FIA man returns from pension

 Help for new Formula 1 race master: FIA man returns from pension © Sutton Images Colin Haywood reinforces the Formula 1 race line this year The team in the race management continues to grow. The new Formula 1 race ladder Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich receive additional support from Colin Haywood for their work. Haywood returns to retirement and is not an unknown in this body. He belonged for years to the race management team of the automotive World Association FIA and worked together with the now deceased Charlie Whiting and with the now Michael Masi .

Aston Martin's entry

For Aston Martin, the season opener is not a good PR. 2021 the car manufacturer rose to the Formula 1 , also to apply its own luxury sports cars. Previously, Aston Martin was just title sponsor of the Red Bull Team. To get started in Formula 1, the sponsoring of the SafetyCar and the Medical Cars with modified production cars was also included. The Mercedes, which was used at the races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, had 740 hp, the Aston Martin in Melbourne 535 hp.

background of driver critics is the tire temperature, which falls at lower speeds, thereby increasing wear. The problems did not seem to have the drivers in the first races. Mercedes-Pilot George Russell said after the Grand Prix of Australia: "Now Serious: The AMG is five seconds faster than the Aston Martin."

Wolff Pestet: Ex-race director was "Stress for Sport" .
The discussions about the meanwhile directed formula 1 renning director Michael Masi continue. Mercedes Motor Sport Chief Toto Wolff has its allegations against © Provided by Wolff Pestet: Ex-race director was "Stress for Sport" also around one and a half months after the from Michael Masi as Renndirekter of Formula 1 employs the personnel the industry.

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