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Reviews: Mbed, the comparison that makes Julio César

SUV Comparison: 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands vs 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness

  SUV Comparison: 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands vs 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Clayton Seams: The Ford Bronco Sport Badlands and the Subaru Outback Wilderness have eight driven wheels and 14 syllables between them. They are both off-road versions of their respective CUV models. Even though nearly all CUVs are marketed for their all-terrain capability, very few can tackle even the slightest trail out of the box due to their low-profile street tires, air dams for fuel efficiency, and open differentials. But a new thing is happening in the world of supposedly off-road vehicles — people are actually taking them off-road! Ford and Subaru have seen this enthusiast demand for using their CUVs off-road and have responded with the Badlands and the Wilde

laugh Despite the remarkable performance of Kylian mbed, some round ball specialists still emit reserves.

Mbappé met le doute © Provided by Mercato 365 MBAPPED Delivers

After having martyred Lorient (5-1), and Clermont (6-1), Kylian mbled does not stop seeing his popularity rating. So that the trend seems to be compared to the Kondy Kid and the Brazilian legend Ronaldo. And for good reason, this one points to the top of the ranking of the best ligue 1 scorers with 20 achievements and 14 assists in 28 matches , realizing a season 2021-2022 exceptional. And pursuing this cadence, the tricolor world champion could become the first player in the history of the French Championship to combine the title of best scorer and passer.

TUICE raises doubt about his future

 TUICE raises doubt about his future The coach of Chelsea, Thomas Tachel, expressed his plans for the future while his club faces a serious crisis. © Provided by Football 365 TUICE does not want to blame the players since the bursting of the war in Ukraine, Chelsea faces many problems because of the nationality of its owner. Being the most Russian British clubs, he finds himself isolated and shown the finger of all sides. A situation that impacts players and also makes the future uncertain for blues.

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statistics that should be much in the eyes of several observers of the round ball. Indeed, the Parisian striker has demonstrated by its number of offerings its ability to show a lot of altruism. Where some of them highlight his propensity to a lot too much base his game on his speed. A criticism also corroborated by the words of the French legend Michel Platini. "I think Kylian, at one point, he will realize that speed does not do everything!", declared the triple gold balloon from the microphones of France Info.

First victorious handle.

here it's paris ????????

- Kylian mbed (@kmbappe) february 15, 2022

Gallery: Eleven gold 2022: The 11 named for the best player trophy (world eleven)

Mais qui va succéder à Karim Benzema ? Élu Onze d'Or l'an dernier, l'international français du Real Madrid postule à un doublé majuscule ! Mais pour soulever une seconde fois de suite le Onze d'Or, le buteur de la Maison Blanche va devoir faire face à une rude concurrence. En effet, les plus grandes stars de la planète football sont présentes dans cette liste. Il faudra donc réaliser une fin de saison canon pour s'attribuer le plus de votes du public et soulever la récompense au début du mois de juin. Sans plus attendre, découvrez en images les 11 nommés pour le titre de Onze d'Or 2022 ! mbed in the Top 3

Since then, mbled will have to show a new face, and develop the variety of its game becomes all the more effective in the face of its opponents. Arguments that explain the rapprochement made between the Parisian striker and "he fenomeno". An association that seems to have trouble understanding Julio Caesar one of the old teammates and compatriot of the current President of Real Valladolid. "Kylian mbled is a new talent, but it's no longer a young hope, it's a reality, first confessed the old doorman of AC Milan. "Today it is one of the three best players in the world, by its consistency, its regularity. Kylian mbled has everything to become the best player in the world in the coming years, without a doubt."

Ronaldo is incomparable

"The New Ronaldo? (Laughter) There, I can not agree! I respect a lot Kylian mbed, I think it's a huge player who has a lot of talent. But Ronaldo "Fenomeno" has been a really different player, Sliced ​​Julio Caesar. Even if Kylian mbled a lot of talent, he is young and he has already won the World Cup, I do not see any player today approach Ronaldo technically., A-T -It concluded. It remains to see if the number 10 of the Blues will leave his mark in the history of football just like his counteriver's counter before him.

Death of Michel Bouquet: Does it share a link with actress Carole Bouquet? .
© Veeren / Bestimage Death of Michel Bouquet: Does it share a link with Actress Carole Bouquet? Wednesday, April 13, 2022, Michel Bouquet, one of the richest French comedians, died. The theater man was also one of the figures of French cinema. But did he have a link with actress Carole Bouquet? After 96 long years, the majority of them spent on the theater planks or on turntables, Michel Bouquet died on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 in the morning .

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