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Reviews: from the water carrier to the team leader: Alfa Romeo excited about Valtteri Bottas

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Guanyu Zhou und Valtteri Bottas arbeiten bei Alfa Romeo als Team © Mottersport Images Guanyu Zhou and Valtteri Bottas Working at Alfa Romeo as Team

to the Formula 1 season 2022 Alfa Romeo has replaced an experienced Finn by another experienced fin. The departure of ex-world champion Kimi Räikkönen began the clean racing team with Valtteri Bottas, which was clear in Mercedes clearly in the shade of Lewis Hamilton. But all critics and twins showed Bottas in the first three races that he was the right choice.

"I do not know if I have to be surprised, but he does his job," Team boss Frederic Vasseur is satisfied with the choice. "He has shown what the pure performance in recent years has shown very good performances. He was always in the shadow of Lewis, but I think everyone would be in the shadow of Lewis."

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Of course, Alfa Romeo also discussed whether the Finn would be the right choice as a substitute for its compatriot. There Bottas would also get a different role, namely the teamleaders next to Rookie Guanyu Zhou.

"I was convinced that he can do that," says the team boss. "And so far he makes a great job."

This means that Vasseur does not just mean the purely athletic, where bottas with twelve points lies in the top 10 driver score. Bottas also helps the team outside the car, namely in the factory or in dealing with the engineers.

"In a sense, he gives the direction of development, the right way to improve the car and improve the team in every detail," he praises. "He comes with enormously a lot of experience from Mercedes to us - and that helps us enormously," says Vasseur.

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Help by Quiet Type

Above all, Alfa Romeo is thrilled, as the 32-year-old deals with the team: "He is always motivating," praises Teammanager Beat Zehnder at 'Sky'. Even when the team has been hit by problems in the first training of Bahrain, so Bottas could only drive two laps, he remained positive.

"We already had other drivers who would then freak out," says Zehnder. "And the Valtteri says, 'Guys, I trust at you, we'll get that.' He is the tranquility itself and that brings us very, very much, "he praises.

Also, his role as a team leader fills the Finn good and offer his teammate Zhou help when they are needed. "But that's each other," says Zehnder. When bottas hardly driven at the winter test in Barcelona, ​​Zhou had made him his planned TV day to get a few kilometers. "That's nice teamwork."

The results of the good work can be seen on the track: Zhou could bring points right in his first Formula 1 race, driving Bottas in Sachir into the third star series and get twelve points. For the racing team from Hinwil, this was the best season start since 2015.

good season start important for motivation

"Surely a part of the motivation of a racing team is due to the results," says Vasseur. "But that works the other way around: If you have problems, then it gets harder."

and these difficult times have been enough in recent years. Above all, the last two years were hard. Just eight points took 2020 and decided early to put the development for 2021 on ice.

Therefore, it was important for the team to start 2022 well in the season. "I think it's a good step forward," says Vasseur. "All are much more motivated and focused now."

"And we know that every single detail will pay out. Because every time we fight with big teams around hundredth of a hundredth, that's a great success for all of us, as far as the work is concerned."

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