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Reviews: Volkswagen continues to win a

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  7 Times Terrible Towing Made Us Really Nervous 7 Times Terrible Towing Made Us Really NervousHere are five times cars were towing terribly, along with the end results.

corona crisis? Chip deficiency? Ukraine war? The Volkswagen Group does not seem to be able to identify anything. At least not in the balance sheet: In the first quarter, the Wolfsburger posted a rich billions profit.

Provided by Deutsche Welle © Peter Steffen / Picture Alliance / DPA Provided by Deutsche Welle

Volkswagen has booked despite the Ukraine war and binding production because of the Corona fight in China at the beginning of the year. The Wolfsburg's massif benefited from financial instruments with which the Group has secured itself against the increase in commodity prices and exchange rate risks.

The operating result from special items thus jumped to around 8.5 billion euros in the first quarter, as the car maker reported on Thursday on the basis of first estimates. before the year of operation was the operating profit at 4.8 billion euros . In the first three months, the operational return doubled almost 13.5 percent, in the same period of the previous year, it had been 7.7 percent.

Software Development for Autonomous Driving - Volkswagen subsidiary Cariad cooperates with Bosch

 Software Development for Autonomous Driving - Volkswagen subsidiary Cariad cooperates with Bosch The Volkswagen daughter Cariad and Bosch work closely with the development of a software platform for automated driving. © Cariad In the development of technologies for cars of the future, Volkswagen uses cooperation with the supplier Bosch. The two companies are not only planning a joint venture for the equipment of battery factories.

Auch wenn das Russlandgeschäft der Wolfsburger wegen des Krieges weggebrochen ist, der Bilanz schadet es nicht © Vyacheslav Prokofyev / TASS / DPA Even though the Russian business of Wolfsburg has broken away because of the war, the balance that does not harm

weakening section

VW explained, for the increase in profits, in addition to , the robust operational business also has a positive fair value - assessment ensured on security instruments of 3.5 billion euros. Due to long-term hedging by financial instruments, the Group still pays prices for raw materials, as they were before the Ukraine war. The difference to the current price level ensures a book gain.

The cash inflow in the automotive business shrank due to production interruptions and sales break in the first quarter to 1.5 (4.7) billion euros. Because of the persistent semiconductor Mangel , Volkswagen delivered only around 1.9 million vehicles worldwide, a fifth less than in the previous year. In March alone, as wire harbors were scarce because of Ukraine War, and VW had to temporarily pause the ribbons, deliveries fell by almost a third to around 655,800 units.

Cash Machine Tesla comes into the roller - E-cars asked

 Cash Machine Tesla comes into the roller - E-cars asked © Reuters As the production costs by radically new production techniques in the shortly before the start-up factories in Austin (Texas) and Grünheide at Berlin sink, Tesla will now also become the car company With the highest cash flow mausern. Other experts see that: If the worldwide production network of Tesla after the start of the new factories around, Tesla will vain with Volkswagen, Daimler & Co around the Cash Crown, Frank Schwope from the Nordlb predicts.

Sorbing Market China

In the Heimatmarkt Western Europe, deliveries decreased by almost 15 percent. In China, a minus of 23.9 percent was available. In the world's largest car market, VW is the market leader, about 40 percent of the total consolidated deliveries makes the group there.

As one of the reasons for the bad results in China, Volkswagen called the pandemic restrictions by China's zero-Covid strategy. The Corona wave is just in regions such as the Northeast Jilin, Jangtse Delta or Provinces such as Shandong and Hebei, where Volkswagen usually sell a lot, it was in the message. The Group had to suspend operation in works in Shanghai and Changchun in Northeast China because of Lockdowns.

"Since mid-March, we have been heavily hit by Covid-19 outbreaks, which means that we can not temporarily comply with the high customer demand," said VW-China boss Stephan Wöllenstein. But he confidently showed himself to deal with these challenges. There is a clear plan to come back on course. "We hope that the situation soon relaxes and we are able to balance the delays in production in the coming months."

Friday trading on the stock market: 10 important facts

 Friday trading on the stock market: 10 important facts These 10 facts are likely to ensure movement in the markets today. © Provided by Andrew Burton / Getty Images Keep an eye on the complete current trading day here. 1. DAX Various weaker The DAX is likely to enter something deeper in the last trading status of the week. 2. Exchanges in Far East Uneven The Japanese key index Nikkei shoots 2.09 percent up to 26,717.34 points. On the Chinese mainland, the Shanghai Composite safely ventures by 0.17 percent to 3,400,09 index points.

Konzernchef Diess am Montageband für die Produktion des Elektroautos ID.3 - die Stromautos von VW sind derzeit sehr gefragt © Jens Büttner / DPA / Picture Alliance Group Chefs This on the assembly line for the production of electric car ID.3 - the electricity cars of VW are currently highly in demand

risks remaining

An increase in all-electric cars: VW sold around 99,000 in the first quarter Electric cars, an increase of 65 percent year-on-year. Demand for electric cars is high worldwide and the order books were well filled, explained distribution leader Hildegard Wortmann. Without the current supply bottlenecks, this number would therefore have been significantly higher.

outlooking out the management by Group Chef Herbert this , it continues to have the risk that the progress of Ukraine war is negatively impacting the business. This could also result from supply bottlenecks in the supply chain. The development of the commodity markets remain unpredictable. This in turn could have significant effects on the evaluation of the hedging transactions. Volkswagen also referred to potential negative effects from a resalient Corona pandemic and from the continued supply bottlenecks in semiconductors.


In the United States, a car without a driver tries to escape the police control .
© Bloomberg / Getty Images in the United States, a car without a driver tries to escape the control of the police officers the police of San Francisco have wanted to control a car rolling at night, without lighthouse. They realized that there was no driver. The police in San Francisco recently faced an unprecedented problem, when an officer stopped an autonomous car that circulated at night, turned headlights, without anyone driving or passenger.

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