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Reviews: Cathie Wood with sharp criticism of the US Federal Reserve - As for the investor of the Fed,

DAX continues to recover before Fed Interim Market

 DAX continues to recover before Fed Interim Market The German stock market has continued its recovery with significant price gains before the expected monetary policy signals of the US Federal Reserve. © Fredrik of Erichsen / DPA The DAX is the most important stock index in Germany. The DAX rose 1.75 percent in early trading to 15,388.78 points. The MDAX was last 1.96 percent to 33,058.98 meters in the morning.

high inflation rate Vs. Recession hazard: The Fed is trapped in an economic tension field and must control the US economy with extreme caution by the crisis. For Starinvestorin Cathie Wood, the planned monetary policy measures of the US Federal Reserve are the wrong way.

INDRANIL MUKHERJEE/AFP/Getty Images © Provided by Indranil Mukherjee / AFP / Getty Images

• Cathie Wood sees extreme risks through Fed Policy

• Warning signals from the bond market

• Do the Fed risk a recession?

on Twitter took Catherine Wood, the founder of the investment company ARK INVEST, the US Federal Reserve. The currency headers had to plug in a lot of criticism from the Starinvestorin.

SUV Comparison: 2021 GMC Yukon Denali vs 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

  SUV Comparison: 2021 GMC Yukon Denali vs 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Brian Harper: Well, Peter, I have no doubt we will have pundits demanding our heads on pikes for the audacity to compare these two full-size sport-utes, the redesigned-for- 2021 GMC Yukon Denali and the even newer 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer . Admittedly, this rabid mob might have a point; there is a vast as-tested price difference between these big rigs, and there are other models out there that might seem a fairer match. But, stripped to the essentials, what we have are a pair of premium family-oriented, three-row, three-ton SUVs, each lavishly outfitted with luxury and infotainment features.

interest rate hikes as error

in a series of contributions to Twitter Wood Wood the Fed warned to raise the key interest rates in the current mixed position. The yield curve - measured at the difference between the returns 10 and 2-year-old government bonds - recently reversed. "This suggests that the Fed will raise interest rates when growth and / or inflation will be lower than expected - what will turn out as a mistake," wrote the Ark boss on Twitter.

Yesterday, The Yield Curve - AS Measured by the Difference Between The 10 Year Treasury and 2 Year Treasury Yields - Inverted, Suggesting That The Fed Is Going To Raise Interest Rates AS Growth and / Or Inflation Surprise on the Low Side of Expectations ... Which wants wants Be a Mistake.

heating industry promotes modernization right now

 heating industry promotes modernization right now in the discussion about the dependence on Russian natural gas, the German heating industry sees various possibilities for private gas customers to permanently reduce or convert their own needs. © Roberto Pfeil / DPA An employee of Vaillant assembles a heat pump in the company's main plant in Remscheid. «To date, according to the gas economy, there is no supply problem," said the main manager of the Federal Association of the German Heating Industry, Markus Staudt, the German Press Agency.

- Cathie Wood (@cathiedwood) April 2, 2022

Does the Fed choke the economy?

Indirectly accuses Wood of the Fed to desir the US economy with a number of interest rate cycle and also refers to economic developments. So the US consumer confidence determined by the University of Michigan today is lower than at the beginning of the corona crisis. It is at the level of 2008/2009 and not far from the all-time low of the 80s removed, when inflation and interest rates had reached double-digit values.

US Consumer Sentiment, AS Measured by the University of Michigan, is Lower Today Than It What At The Depths of the Coronavirus Crisis. IT HAS Entered 2008-09 Territory and Is Not Far From The All Time Lows in The 80's Whhen Inflation and Interest Rates Hit Double Digits.

- Cathie Wood (@Cathiedwood) April 2, 2022

In each of these periods, a recession was the result. And also the situation for Europe and China is currently quite difficult. "The Fed plays with the fire," continues Wood on Twitter.

"Shame inland in Berlin": Understanding and criticism After pro-Russian autocorko

 About 900 people have participated in a car body with Russian flags on Sunday in Berlin. The move with several hundred vehicles was registered as an event entitled "No propaganda in the school protection for Russian-speaking people, no discrimination", as the Berlin police announced. © dpa Russian flags at the AutoCorso in Berlin on Sunday on a shield was said: "Stop Hating Russians" (listens to hate Russians). Several cars led flags in the Russian national colors white-blue-red.

The Economy Succumbed to Recession in Each of Those Periods. Europe and China So Are in Difficult's Straits. The Fed Seems to Be Playing With Fire.

- Cathie Wood (@Cathiedwood) April 2, 2022

US Federal Reserve prepares markets on faster interest rate hikes before

For the central bankers themselves, the fight against inflation meanwhile seems to be combated with a significant and rapid increase in interest rates. The chief of the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, had recently brought the possibility of faster increases of the key interest rate in the face of "far too high" inflation rate. "We will take the necessary steps to guarantee a return to price stability," Powell said. "The labor market is very strong, and inflation is too high," says Powell. In fact,

is particularly the robust US labor market that allows many experts to stick to the US economy shows stability and can handle further key rate increases without slipping into a recession. In addition, a robust job market brings the risk of a wage price spiral, which is likely to increase the inflation rate.

shares New York Call: Tech values ​​Sack from - Monetary policy loaded

 shares New York Call: Tech values ​​Sack from - Monetary policy loaded © deployed by stockSe Online (typing errors in the sixth paragraph, fourth sentence corrected: Tesla) New York (DPA-AFX) - the prospect of a tighter monetary policy Combating inflation, on Tuesday, sent the economic-sensitive US technology values ​​to descent. The index Dow Jones Industrial (Dow Jones 30 Industrial) was less pressure. The expectation of further sanctions of the West against Russia also caused uncertainty. The Dow closed 0.80 percent deeper at 34 641.18 points.

other experts meanwhile supports in their assessment rather Cathie Wood. " We do not see that the Fed reaches a gentle landing . Instead, we assume that a more aggressive streamlining of monetary policy will increase the economy in a recession," says Matthew Luzzetti from the Deutsche Bank recently in the interview CNN Business. According to the financial house, a stock market crash of 20 percent and a recession in summer 2022 is likely due to the serious combination of the geopolitical events as well as the massive streamlation of US monetary policy. Ähnlich urteilten zuletzt auch Mark Zandi, Chefökonom von Moody's Analytics sowie JPMorgan -CEO Jamie Dimon. Letzterer warnte kürzlich vor einem "dramatischen Anstieg" der Rezessionsrisiken.


AP: Investors from Bahrain want to buy AC Milan .
A private investor group from Bahrain has risen a media report in negotiations on the purchase of the Italian football tradition club AC Milan. This reported the US news agency AP citing a well-taught anonymous source. © Fabrizio Carabelli / LPS Via Zuma Press Wire / DPA / Archive reports according to an investor group from Bahrain wants to buy the AC Milan. It would go out to a purchase amount of one billion euros, it was said.

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