Reviews: Despite P2: McLaren, according to Lando Norris, no candidate for the Pole

McLaren: New underbody and new side box in France

 McLaren: New underbody and new side box in France © Giorgio Piola near McLaren In France Einsgies on the car McLaren has brought the next upgrade at the Grand Prix of France and uses a revised side box and a new underbody . The racing team currently leads the midfield, even if you have had a rather fluctuating shape from route to route so far. In Spain, the team brought its first major upgrade package and has only finely faded its MCL36 since then.

Lando Norris erlebte mit McLaren einen positiven Freitag © Motorsport Images Lando Norris experienced a positive Friday

Even if Lando Norris ended in second place in Hungary, the McLaren pilot does not go away from the fact that he will fight for the pole position for the Formula 1 run at Hungaroring on Saturday. Norris was only 0.2127 seconds behind leaders Charles Leclerc in the second training session in Budapest ( Formula 1 2022 Live in Ticker ).

This is probably due to the fact that McLaren drives on Friday with a slightly higher engine setting than the competition. "It feels good and the car is in a good position," says Norris, but answers when asked whether he is a candidate for pole position: "No."

Formula 1 Technology: Why McLaren gives up its design concept

 Formula 1 Technology: Why McLaren gives up its design concept © Motorsport Images comparison: McLaren MCL36 before and after the update to the France Grand Prix to Aston Martin and Williams is the next team of Formula 1 season 2022, which selects its original side box concept. At the France Grand Prix in Le Castellet, the racing team around Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo on the MCL36 used a design for the first time that is based on ideas of the competition. Specifically: Ferrari and Red Bull.

"The car seems to fit the route characteristics a little better, but in second training we are always a bit faster than where we usually land," says the Brit. "We turn up a little more to get a first feeling for qualifying. And that's exactly what we got today."

"But we also know that everyone else - and especially Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes - will grow again tomorrow." Nevertheless, the car is "in a reasonable position" and "probably a little better than in Paul Ricard". This is also the goal for the weekend: being better than in France, where Norris finished in seventh place in the race.

teammate Daniel Ricciardo also experienced a strong Friday and ended up fifth in fifth, 0.427 seconds behind Leclerc. He too is happy about the competitive training, but also excludes the fight for the poles: "I don't think we are competitive enough for the poles - sorry to the fans," he says. "I'm not pessimistic, just realistic."

At the same time, however, he has no reason to say that on Saturday you won't fight for front places. "But it was only a week since Le Castellet and you can't do a lot. Maybe the route is a little more. I am sure that we took a step, but it was probably not a big one."

For Ricciardo, the move into Q3 would actually be a success, because in the past six races he has only done it once.

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