Reviews: Aston-Martin rear wing: If it is faster,

Ricky Martin: Heavy incest initials against him are off the table

 Ricky Martin: Heavy incest initials against him are off the table popstar speaks for the first time about the violent allegations of his nephew. Sexual coercion has probably never taken place © provided by Ricky Martin Popstar speaks for the first time about the violent allegations of his nephew. Sexual coercion has probably never taken place The American Latin superstar and Grammy winner Ricky Martin ("Livin La Vida Loca") has first commented on the recently cleared allegations of his nephew for sexual assault.

Die wulstige Endplatte am Heckflügel des Aston Martin AMR22 © Giorgio Piola The bulbous end plate on the rear wing of the Aston Martin AMR22

corresponds to The new rear wing on the Aston Martin AMR22 with the striking worsts on the pages of the so-called mind of the Formula 1 regulations, yes or no? The participants in the Formula 1 driver camp at the Grand Prix of Hungary in 2022 at Budapest will argue about this.

Because the regulations for 2022 had actually been designed in such a way that the vehicles provide as little turbulent air as possible to make it easier to stay tuned and overtake through other cars. Therefore, the rear wing design 2022 actually dispenses with side end panels with free-standing upper edges.

Manchester United Hanging by Aston Villa in friendly

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But Aston Martin brings something back into play, possibly with negative consequences for aerodynamics and racing. That is at least the fear . The technical managers of the other Formula 1 teams see this above all an interesting approach that could soon go to school.

Sports bosses: If it is faster, then ...

Alpine sports director Alan Permane says: "If the concept is faster, you will see nine other versions of it. I don't see why it shouldn't come like this if it should be done is legal. I understand the point with the spirit of regulations, but we are only concerned with being on the road quickly and reliably. "

Whether something corresponds to the spirit of the regulations or not, that is "the responsibility of the FIA ​​and Formula 1," says Permane. "I also have my doubts that you can do something about it this year. And I am very sure that we will see more about it very soon if it turns out to be faster."

"Never say": Mick Schumacher as a successor to Vettel at Aston Martin?

 © Motorsport Images Mick Schumacher loses an important caregiver in Formula 1 After Sebastian Vettel 's fixed resignation at the end of the season, the question arises as to who will replace the Germans in Aston Martin in the coming Formula 1 year. A name that is always put into his mouth is that of his compatriot Mick Schumacher, who could take the next step at Aston Martin. Vettel had only briefly spoke to team owner Lawrence Stroll on Wednesday and informed him about his resignation.

Ferrari sports director Laurent Mekies thinks similarly: "If Aston Martin has reinsured himself at the FIA ​​and considers the FIA ​​[the wing] to be legal, then everyone will try it. If they are faster, he ends up on all cars."

Aston Martin assured: FIA was always inaugurated

and Aston Martin reinsured the Automobil World Association (FIA), explains team boss Mike Krack on request: "If you develop such ideas, then you don't normally wait until the last second you show it. "

"We were in exchange with the FIA ​​during the entire development so that we could understand whether this is something that is accepted. In the end we got green light. So we decided for ourselves: okay, then we do it. "

Krack plays the meaning of the new rear wing when he says that the construction is "the bottom line of nothing special", but only "a [different] interpretation of the rules". Then he emphasizes again: "We have developed the wing based on [these rules] and developed in the interplay with the FIA."

what could theoretically happen next

. Oh-sound: "I'm not worried about [potential] changes to the rules that such designs could be prohibited. We are dealing with it."

What can happen? In theory, the Formula 1 Commission, consisting of representatives of Formula 1, World Association and Teams, could also issue a ban at short notice. However, only if a majority of 28 of the 30 votes come about.

Red Bull, however, is one of the teams that seems to be dealing with a replica. Team boss Christian Horner says: "We open up another interesting option. Who knows? Maybe we'll copy something from Aston Martin instead of the other way around !"

Mike Krack's interim balance as a Formula 1 chief: "Mixed feelings" .
© Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack has "mixed feelings" over the 2022 season on January 14, 2022, ex-BMW engine sports director Mike Krack announced as the successor to Otmar Szafnauer as an Aston Martin team boss. In turn, the American switched to Alpine to replace the released team boss Marcin Budkowski.

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