Reviews: Distinating Column: Our federal government should take a role model to the footballers

France German semi-final opponent

 France German semi-final opponent France is the semi-final opponent of the German footballers at the European Championship in England. © JON Super/AP/dpa The Dutchman Victoria Pelova and Frenchwoman Sakina Karchaoui (R) do not give anything. The clearly superior team around captain Wendie Renard prevailed in the quarter-finals against the defending champion and World Cup second Netherlands 1-0 (0: 0: 0) after extra time. This will play the French on Wednesday (9:00 p.m.

The football women have brought it far at the European Championship. You have recognized that you can create lasting things as a team. Politics miss this.

Die deutschen Fußball-Frauen haben es bei der EM weit gebracht, weil sie erkannt haben, dass sie als Team Bleibendes schaffen können. © Photo: Sebastian Gollnow/dpa The German football women have brought it far at the European Championship because they recognized that they can create lasting things as a team.

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New Adjustment Gravenberch: Bavaria starting eleven “My destination”

 New Adjustment Gravenberch: Bavaria starting eleven “My destination” Newcomer Ryan Gravenberch has confirmed his great demands on himself at FC Bayern. © Sven Hoppe/dpa/archive picture Bayern's newcomer Ryan Gravenberch is considered a great talent in world football. «My goal is to be part of the starting eleven as soon as possible. If I succeed, the jump to the national team is easier, »said the 20 -year -old midfielder, who came from Ajax Amsterdam and is one of the great talents in world football.

We watch two teams, of a strong and another . We see the German footballers who have formulated goals and a strategy and stick to all of this for four long weeks. They respect the trainer and accept that not everyone in the team is the same: Merle Frohms and Lena Sophie Oberdorf and Alexandra Popp are there, and there are the teammates.

You will all have learned that competitive sports is a selfish affair: everyone in the team wants to achieve something for themselves. But only if everyone understands that the common project is larger or that the joint project makes the selfish projects possible, can a team create permanent .

“If we stand together, nothing is impossible. If we are at risk, everything will fail, ”said Churchill. But how does it work: stand together? Alastair Campbell writes in "Winners" that a team must be composed of "leaders, warriors and gifted", and if everyone knew which way to what goal, the leaders and the group inspired each other.

Decision: Federal Government Pusss Purchase premium for e-cars significantly

 Decision: Federal Government Pusss Purchase premium for e-cars significantly Buyer of ElektroSTOS should receive less support from the state in the future. According to the German Press Agency, the federal government agreed on new subsidy rules. Accordingly, the funding for cars that cost less than 40,000 euros drops from currently 6,000 to 4500 euros. There should only be 3000 euros for more expensive electric cars, and no funding from a purchase price of more than 65,000 euros. The Handelsblatt had previously reported on the agreement.

leadership is to form a perfect orchestra from the best soloists. Barack Obama took Hillary Clinton to his team and had learned this from Abraham Lincoln. "I destroy my enemies by making them my friends", this is one of many beautiful Lincoln quotes.

"Fit in or fuck off" - if separations are inevitable

It sometimes does not work without separations, "Fifo" means in Great Britain: "Fit in or fuck off." From the American manager Jack Welch, the General Electric, will be directed says that he released the weakest ten percent of the workforce year after year.

is also legendary the story of American President Harry Truman, who dropped General Douglas Macarthur, a hero of the Second World War in 1951. Truman wanted de -escalation in Korea, Macarthur wanted escalation and also march in China, definitely using atomic bombs. "I didn't fired him because he was a stupid son of a bustle, although he was one, which is not illegal for generals," said Truman; No, he has to fire everyone who disregarded the president's authority in this way. Truman had an additional advice for followers: "If you feel that you have to do something, do it immediately, because the earlier you do it, the better for everyone."

Lightyear 2 obviously gets technology from Koenigsegg

 Lightyear 2 obviously gets technology from Koenigsegg . Perhaps the Raxial River Motor from Koenigsegg The Lightyear 0 will be launched at the end of 2022. Therefore, the Dutch startup can now gradually turn to its next model. Unlike the sinner Lightyear 0, the Lightyear 2 is to become a model for the mass market. And the car is apparently said to receive Koenigsegg technology.

There are four phases for every powerful team, it explains it American educational psychologist Bruce Tuckman: "FSNP", which stands for "Forming, Storming, Norming, performing". The group is first put together, then try it out before everyone is led to their place and understand what to do with this; This is done firstly by differentiating tasks and secondly by integrating all into the structure. And finally the group is ready, it applies, and lo and behold, it succeeds.

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interesting, not true that of all people is not very thinking about team game in politics . Too loud, to go through, it is too illogical there; And of course the individual goal usually beats together.

The Federal Government is the other team that we watch or wanted to be a team, started like a joyfully trusting one. Do you remember? Everyone in the team seemed to know their own role, at the time before it started, damn long.

9-euro-ticket successor: Lindner sees no funds .
a good three weeks before the favorable 9-euro ticket ended up and countries struggle for a possible follow-up offer for the cheap ticket. The financing of a connection solution is still particularly controversial. © Kay Nietfeld/dpa FDP chief and Federal Minister of Finance: Christian Lindner. Bayern insists that the federal government alone pays the costs for the succession offer in local and regional transport. Other countries signaled the willingness to finance.

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