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Michel Cymes reveals that it has been suffering from cancer in a book to be published

 Michel Cymes reveals that it has been suffering from cancer in a book to be published supplied by Starmag Michel-Cymes favorite doctor of the French, Michel Cymes is omnipresent on television and on social networks. But, as Le Parisien announces, on October 5, it is in bookstore that the ENT doctor will be talked about. That day, the sixty-something man will deliver an autobiographical work, called nothing is impossible: my story could be yours. If Nathalie's husband should evoke his passion for his job , he should also tell his family story marked by war.

with a joint chorale in all four directions, the tower wind players of the Hamburg Michel celebrated their 30th anniversary on Monday. The musicians Horst Huhn and Josef Thönen played together with their trumpets on time after the tenth bell strike from the tower of the St. Michaelis church. This is something special, because normally only one of the two blows the first stanza of an evangelical hymn from the four windows of the tower.

Die Hamburger Turmbläser Horst Huhn (r) und Josef Thöne stehen mit ihren Trompeten bei einem Fototermin an einem Fenster. © Christian Charisius/dpa The Hamburg tower players Horst Huhn (R) and Josef Thönen are at a window with their trumpets during a photo session.

The duo had taken on the traditional task of the then sexton and a tower on August 1, 1992. The tower bubbles have been around in Hamburg for more than 300 years. From Monday to Saturday you can always hear the trumpet tones at 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. In other cities such as Lüneburg, Celle and Münster, there are also active towerers or tower players.

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Purchase power: "It is a bitter failure of the Leclerc method", says Christiane Lambert .
© Europe 1 on Europe 1, Christiane Lambert, denounced the Michel-Édouard Leclerc method. The CEO of Leclerc, declared Monday on Europe 1, wanting to review the Egalim law - which protects the producers better - in order to "be able to lower its prices". A method disputed by the president of the FNSEA. for several months, the French face strong inflation.

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