Reviews: COLIVING: These luxury roommates that swarm in large cities

Rental Investment: Cities where investing in colocation in 2022

 Rental Investment: Cities where investing in colocation in 2022 colocation is on the rise. More and more investors are seduced by this less expensive solution per square meter, while offering the possibility of renting 20 to 30% more expensive. This ultra-resentable investment also makes it possible to quickly rent goods, because the roommate is appreciated by both students and young workers.

co-living roommates, “all-inclusive” rooms and apartments with common living spaces, multiply in France. Decryption of this phenomenon.

Coliving : ces colocations tout compris de luxe qui pullulent dans les grandes villes. © Geber86/ISTOCK COLIVING: These luxury all -inclusive roommates that swarm in big cities.

Living in a shared room, all services included. This new housing offer, called Colvinging, has been developing for a few years, and promises to win in the real estate landscape. According to a study published on July 18 by Xerfi, there were 8,300 colving beds in around thirty large cities in late 2021, and this figure should triple by 2025, to reach 24,000. The ascent of This new concept goes hand in hand with the changes that the labor market has known following the Pandemic of Covid-19, and therefore seduces the freelance , the self-employed, the seniors, or even the employees who chain fixed-term contracts. "Difficulties in accessing the rental market in metropolises, means of breaking the isolation, needs and expectations of people in transition periods (decohabitant students, young workers, neo-quelibaria, retirees, foreigners settling in France ...) constitute Obviously engines to the boom in colving, ”it is also said at Xerfi. Not to mention the fact that fewer and fewer young people have access to the property.

GZSZ: Does Johanna have to give up her dream about her roommates?

 GZSZ: Does Johanna have to give up her dream about her roommates? The summer vacation over has Johanna (Charlott Reschke) at "GZSZ" time to build up your influencer agency-only then there is also support from Jo (Wolfgang Bahro). That is why she is so annoyed that she is apparently responsible for everything in the flat with Jonas (Felix van Deventer), Moritz (Lennart Borchert) and Luis (Marc Weinmann).

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the Colivme platform, a sort of "staying" of Colving, lists housing in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille and their outskirts. There is in particular the Ivynest project in Roubaix, where a room costs between 620 and 675 euros per month. To settle there, you have to gain more than 1.5 times the rent. In Paris Intramuros, Sharies offers a colving in the 9th arrondissement: there are rooms with private lounge and kitchen, some of which are with views of the roof of the Garnier Opera, conceptualized by contractors and available for at least 1,230 euros per month.

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"Many residences under development and a big interest in investors"

if the colving does not date from 2020 - we were talking about it already in 2016 -, the roommate projects xxl and all -inclusive are multiplying this year. In recent months, projects have been announced in Lardenne in the suburbs of Toulouse, Arras, Sablé-sur-Sarthe, or even in Hémonstero in Brittany, where a mill will be refurbished for this purpose. "Le Monde" reported in June that a project of the genre had emerged in Amiens, and questioned Sébastien Lorrain, residential director at CBRE, a real estate consulting firm on this subject. "There are between 50 and 100 operations that are currently launched in France, many residences under development and a big interest in investors," he reported. Colonies announced a commitment to financing Ares Management for a billion euros last May, and the Start-up of Colving Student Roof raised 10 million euros a month later, to open its first four buildings in September .

This development impresses, but asks question: these rooms are aimed at relatively affluent profiles or students, but do they not deprive housing on the classic rental market for others? Belgian policies, overwhelmed by the "anarchic growth" of colving in their capital, seized the problem in June. Vincent de Wolf, Brussels MP, wants to modify the City Housing Code. In

"La Libre" , he said: "Indirectly, taking new regulations may have the effect of limiting colving. »

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