Reviews: Kylian Mbappé is studying a defamation complaint against RMC Sport

Tops/Flops Paris SG-URAWA Red Diamonds: Mbappé Surpagé, Icardi (too much) Little in sight

 Tops/Flops Paris SG-URAWA Red Diamonds: Mbappé Surpagé, Icardi (too much) Little in sight © Panoramic. Kylian Mbappé surgished; Mauro Icardi was too little in sight. Tops Kylian Mbappé has survived we are now used to it. Positioned in support on the left side of Mauro Icardi, Kylian Mbappé delighted the spectators of the Saitama stadium by chaining the technical gestures, the provocations ball on the foot and the accelerations. But above all, the Frenchman was decisive on the first two goals.

Kylian Mbappé envisage de porter plainte contre RMC Sport. (S. Mantey/L'Équipe) © provided by the Kylian Mbappé team plans to file a complaint against RMC Sport. (S. Mantey/The Team)

of the words of journalist Daniel Riolo relayed and then deleted from the RMC Sport Twitter account cause the ire of the Mbappé clan. "We are studying a defamation complaint," says the mother of the world champion.

of the comments made by Daniel Riolo, star journalist of RMC, in the After Foot , the flagship program of the radio, provoke a strong reaction from the Mbappé clan on Wednesday.

The RMC Sport account resumed on Tuesday evening on Twitter what Riolo said on Tuesday, before removing this post. But the extract is reappeared on the account of a follower of PSG who had captured it. Riolo evoked rumors around Mbappé's behavior.

peat festival! Sanches meets PSG debut

 peat festival! Sanches meets PSG debut The French champion Paris St. Germain has started perfectly into the new season. Ex-Bayern professional Renato Sanches can also enter the goal scorer list. © provided by Torf Festival! Sanches meets PSG debut The French champion Paris St. Germain has started the new season perfectly.

In an response to the account that recovered the message, Kylian Mbappé's mother, Fayza Lamari, says on Wednesday, still on Twitter, that his clan "studies a defamation complaint" .

The player himself wants prosecution

attached by to team , she specifies that it is Kylian Mbappé himself who wishes this legal action to silence the rumors.

The threat of complaint targets both "these people" (the radio and its journalist), but also the author of the capture and its "informant Zlataneur (which is no other (than) the former boyfriend de Kylian) », which Fayza Lamari gives the name. "It is true (that) Kylian and his entourage put him aside ... But he knows why".

According to our information, this close to the world champion was dismissed from the entourage of the player last year. Under several identities, he would have distilled information on his private life on social networks. "You start to go too far" , writes Mbappé's mother, addressing the author of the capture, Esamb2Back, and therefore to this ex-member of the entourage of his son.

According to Fayza Lamari, the family's legal team is at work. A formal notice on the radio to withdraw everything that has been said and written against the attacker is notably under study.

Another constitutional complaint is filed against Pedro Castillo, his Prime Minister and the entire executive power. .
© supplied by News 360 The President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, during the Council of Ministers - Presidencia de Perú the Peruvian President Pedro Castillo, Prime Minister Aníbal Torres and the members of the Executive Council of Ministers will have to face a Constitutional complaint for having allegedly violated several articles of the Constitution by proposing a reform which would make it possible to submit more major questions to referendum.

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