Reviews: Take a zero rate loan if your accommodation is well isolated, it is possible!

140,000 dwellings, soon prohibited for rental from 2023?

 140,000 dwellings, soon prohibited for rental from 2023? From January 1, 2023, it will become difficult for some owners to rent their accommodation. The rules should harden concerning real estate, classified F or G according to the diagnosis of energy performance (DPE). If they consume more than 450 kWh per m² and per year, they will be prohibited for rental, indicates Le Figaro. They are called "thermal colanders". so far, the government had counted nearly 90,000 for the private rental fleet.

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You have certainly heard of the zero rate loan (PTZ) . Reserved for the first purchase of a main residence, it constitutes an important boost - about ten thousand euros in general - for those who struggle to finance the acquisition of their accommodation (apartment or house, former or new). To benefit from it, your income must not exceed a ceiling which varies according to your place of residence and the number of people occupying the good . But, with the new ecological situation, Crédit Agricole Île-de-France has decided to include another criterion: energy performance. And to modify another: "Son" PTZ concerns not only the purchase of a main residence but also secondary or even a rental investment, entrusts the Figaro the Crédit Agricole.

Football Austria: Valentino Lazaro: From Inter Milan to FC Torino?

 Football Austria: Valentino Lazaro: From Inter Milan to FC Torino? for Valentino Lazaro ended the next loan at the end of the season. The 26-year-old returned to Inter Milan, but should now change within the league. © provided by SPOX Valentino Lazaro. 29 games completed Valentino Lazaro for Benfica Lisbon in the past season. Now the loan ended-the 34-time ÖFB team player is still under contract with runner-up Inter Milan until summer 2024.

Concretely, if you buy a (very) well-isolated accommodation, whether it is located in Île-de-France or not, you can benefit from a zero rate loan. The goods classified A, B or C (visible letter on your energy performance diagnosis) are concerned. Called "sustainable mortgage", this offer, reserved for Crédit Agricole Crédit Crédit Crédit, takes the form of a loan, the amount of which is capped at 50,000 euros and 10% of the purchase price of housing. A sum far from being negligible if we bring it to the 424,000 euros (excluding Paris) that costs an average of a house in Île-de-France and the 268,000 euros to pay for an apartment, according to Century 21. Good news: this offer Crédit Agricole is not limited in time, unlike the PTZ which ends, to date, on January 1, 2024 . " The field covered by the Government PTZ is not linked to our offer," said the Green Bank, contacted by Le Figaro .

No faster interest rate increase in life insurance

 No faster interest rate increase in life insurance Most life insurance customers can not hope for an increasing interest rate of the classic pension, despite the turnaround of interest on the capital market. Because of the high inflation, consumers must also prepare for the fact that damage and accident insurance become more expensive.

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offer with this new zero rate loan, Crédit Agricole wants to give the first-time buyers who often without savings, especially in Île-de-France. " The contribution rate required by banks now is around 20%, which is equivalent to nearly 88,000 euros for a real estate purchase in Île-de-France ", underlines Olivier Lendrevie, president of CAFPI, Broadcasting Broker . The other objective is to encourage future owners to turn to virtuous housing energetically speaking. Problem: the target is limited for double title.

Old side, in Île-de-France, only 18% of old housing is classified A, B or C. This figure climbs only 26% for the whole of France, according to a study of the notaries of France published at the end last year . To see if the new constraints on thermal colanders - frozen rents and rental prohibited from January 1, 2023 - will not swell these differences. Nothing is less certain because the impact of the energy class on the value of the accommodation remains quite low in Île-de-France. Thus, a well -classified A or B will only sell 6% more expensive than the same classified accommodation of , still according to notaries. Against +17% in the Center-Val de Loire region. The fault of a very tense Ile -de -France market where the seller can count on a more important demand than in the provinces and where the DPE is not (yet) a major criterion in the buyers' decision. As for new housing, you will be more likely to find accommodation that is not energy -consuming. A downside: The sector suffers from a shortage of housing.

In short, the offer is not likely to attract many customers. The proof: since April, barely over 500 borrowers have obtained this "green" PTZ. It remains to be seen whether this loan will be emulated with other banking networks. The postal bank is " in reflection ", according to the echoes .

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