Reviews: Tesla continues to plan battery factory in Germany

Tesla doubles profit and promises record-half year

 Tesla doubles profit and promises record-half year Despite the pandeme-related production failures in China and persistent supply chain problems, Tesla almost doubled the profit in the second quarter. Thanks to strong price increases, the electric car manufacturer earned $ 2.3 billion and thus 98 percent more than a year ago. This was announced by star entrepreneurs Elon Musk on Wednesday after the U.S. Castle Castle. © David Zalubowski/AP/dpa The Tesla company logo lights up in a shopping center in Denver.

The US electric car maker Tesla continues to focus on battery supplies in Germany - but because of the prospect of tax incentives, the priority is first putting the USA. The company made this clear to partners in the Grünheide region near Berlin on Friday. Tesla did not comment on request.

Tesla-Chef Elon Musk nimmt an der Eröffnung der Tesla-Fabrik Berlin Brandenburg teil. Archivbild) © Patrick Pleul/DPA central picture Pool/dpa Tesla boss Elon Musk takes part in the opening of the Tesla-Fabrik Berlin Brandenburg. Archive image)

The so-called Inflation Constitution Act by US President Joe Biden therefore means that Tesla wants to start the battery in Austin in Texas faster than planned. From Germany this can be supported with the delivery of parts and engineers. The specific schedule for the factory in Grünheide is open.

Tesla implicated in a fatal accident while the autopilot was activated

 Tesla implicated in a fatal accident while the autopilot was activated © SP/Tesla Tesla implicated in a fatal accident while the autopilot was activated A biker lost his life in an accident in the accident Road involving a Tesla whose automatic pilot had been activated. An investigation has been opened. A biker was killed early Sunday July 24 after a collision with an Tesla , Draper, in Utah, reports The Verge . The car, whose autopilot was activated, would have struck the back of the motorcycle.

Ideally, both batteries would be raised as soon as possible, the company made it clear. The new law means that cell production in the United States has priority and there is an even greater economic interest to start your own battery supplies faster. Tesla emphasizes that it is not the only company that makes such a decision - but maybe the first. The high energy prices in Europe have nothing to do with it because production with dry electrodes is very efficient.

production in Grünheide since March

in the Tesla factory in Grünheide have been produced since the opening on March 22. The construction of the battery factory has progressed far. Tesla boss Elon Musk had announced almost two years ago that he also wanted to make the work at Berlin the world's largest battery factory. The Brandenburg state government made it clear on Thursday that it continues to go out from the production in Grünheide and had no other signals.

Almost $ 7 billion: Elon Musk sells Tesla shares because of dispute with Twitter

 Almost $ 7 billion: Elon Musk sells Tesla shares because of dispute with Twitter Elon Musk fills his war treasure: The Tesla boss sold almost eight million shares-the background should be the dispute over the Twitter takeover. © Shutterstock/Rokas Tenys Elon Musk separates from a lot of Tesla shares. Tesla boss Elon Musk has sold shares of the US electric car maker in the billion value and wants to prepare for a possible defeat in the legal dispute over the Twitter takeover.

The US Parliament passed a legislative package of billions in investments in climate protection and social areas with financial incentives in August for the construction of works for electric cars and for battery production. If battery modules are built, promotion of $ 45 per kilowatt hour can wave. A study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance had shown that the price of lithium-ion batteries in 2021 was an average of $ 137 per kilowatt hour.

own battery factory for VW

The Tesla rival Volkswagen laid the foundation for its own battery factory in Salzgitter in Salzgitter in Lower Saxony. According to an analysis by the Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research, a quarter of the predicted European production capacities of battery cells could be covered by Germany by the end of the decade. Last year,

Tesla had dispensed with a possible state funding for the battery in Germany. Certain requirements must be met for such funding. According to Tesla, however, this waiver has nothing to do with the current decision to put the priority on the USA due to funding.

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