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Reviews: Porsche Rast with full throttle to the

after report in ZDF satirical program: FDP points Porsche influence on Lindner back

 after report in ZDF satirical program: FDP points Porsche influence on Lindner back Porsche boss Blume is said to have browned at a company meeting with the influence of Lindner. The carmaker and the FDP have an influence. © Photo: dpa/Fabian Sommer Christian Lindner (FDP), Federal Minister of Finance The FDP has rejected accusations of the alleged influence of the car manufacturer Porsche on party leader Christian Lindner in the question of the future of combustion engines during the coalition negotiations.

stock exchange despite the difficult stock market environment, Porsche promises to succeed this Thursday. The demand for the shares is great - and thus also the sales proceeds for Volkswagen.

Provided by Deutsche Welle © Frank Schneider/Imagebroker/Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Welle

After Deutsche Telekom, Porsche will probably put the second largest IPO of German economic history on Thursday. The IPO of the VW subsidiary could be a complete success. The shares can still be drawn by Wednesday afternoon. And as early as Monday evening, the responsible investment banks announced that orders would be empty below the maximum price of EUR 82.50. The papers were offered by Volkswagen in a range between 76.50 euros to 82.50 euros.

Leak by antitrust authority: Porsche takes over 50 percent from Red Bull!

 Leak by antitrust authority: Porsche takes over 50 percent from Red Bull! © MSN (photo montage) Porsche will join Formula 1 as a partner of Red Bull in 2026 that Porsche 2026 will be in Formula 1 as a partner "on eye level" at Red Bull has no secret for months. But now there is the first highly official evidence that the project is basically already in dry cloths and the official press release is only a formal act.

This results in an emission volume of 9.4 billion euros when selling the papers. So far, only Telekom has earned more money with 9.65 billion euros in its 1996 IPO in 1996. The actual income with around 19.5 billion euros through the IPO for Volkswagen is more than twice as high. The reason for this is that with the IPO, 25 percent of the Porsche stem stocks also go to the Porsche automotive holding, which is dominated by the Porsche and Piëch families.

Auch das war mal Porsche: Ein Diesel-Traktor namens Standard 218 aus dem Hause Porsche © Benjamin Beytekin/Picture Alliance that was once Porsche: A diesel tractor called Standard 218 from Porsche

heavyweight on parquet

In turn, investment holding holds over 53 percent of the regular shares of the Volkswagen Group . Through the IPO, the owners get direct access to the Porsche Group again. They had lost it with the takeover of the VW Group through the small sports car smithy around ten years ago.

Porsche from Preining enthusiastic: "DTM just the right championship for him"

 Porsche from Preining enthusiastic: Before the DTM season, hardly anyone had the 23-year-old Austrian Thomas Preining on the bill, but at the Norisring the Bernhard pilot provided the first Porsche victory in DTM history. But why is it that the discovery of self-deserved factory driving colleagues like Laurens Vanthoor steals the show in the SSR Porsche? © provided by Porsche from Preining enthusiastically: "DTM exactly the right championship for him" "The DTM is exactly the right championship for Thommy - also in

Half of the money should remain in the Volkswagen Group to finance the transformation towards electromobility with simultaneous digital networking. 49 percent of the proceeds should flow to the Volkswagen shareholders in the form of a special dividend. So far,

Porsche has been one of twelve brand subsidiaries in the Volkswagen Group - and the most valuable distance; It is not only considered the group's earnings spell. It will also be a heavyweight on the stock exchange from Thursday. The sports car farmer starts its stock market career this week with a stock market value of around 75 billion euros. For comparison: Volkswagen itself is worth around 85 billion euros on the parquet. At BMW it is almost 48 billion.

Wirft Fragen auf: Porsche-Chef Oliver Blume ist seit Anfang September auch Chef des Mutterkonzerns VW © Sascha Schuermann/Getty Images raises questions: Porsche boss Oliver Blume has also been chief of the parent company VW

. Private investors have also received something from

Volkswagen in preparation for Porsche's IPO in 50 percent regular shares and 50 percent Divided preferred stocks. Chief shares bring a voting right with them, the dividend is often higher in the event of preferred shares. Up to 25 percent of Porsche preferred shares can be bought from investors. In addition to large institutional anchor inventors such as the Qatar State Fund Qia, a holding company from Abu Dhabi and the Norwegian state funds, private investors can also come into play.

20 years Porsche Leipzig: Expansion for e-mobility planned

 20 years Porsche Leipzig: Expansion for e-mobility planned The settlement of Porsche 20 years ago in Leipzig described Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer as great success. Porsche is an important employer and an important player in the Saxon automotive industry and at the same time stands for innovative strength and successful change in the field of mobility, the CDU politician emphasized at the ceremony for the 20th anniversary of the Porsche plant on Saturday in the trade fair city.

Porsche promises more independence from the jump to the stock exchange. Outside of the Volkswagen Group structures, one hopes for more visibility and more flexible control of the group. That Porsche should now come to more shine independently, at the latest this IPO - in the middle of a very difficult stock market environment. The stock markets have been in a descent for weeks because the high inflation and recession concerns keep the trade firmly under control. Therefore, some observers keep the jump to the parquet at the moment.

Additional questions raises Oliver Blume's dual function. The Porsche boss has also become the new head of the Volkswagen Group. Observers fear that both roles are poorly compatible with each other. At Volkswagen and Porsche you do not share such concerns. For cases in which possible conflicts of interest could occur, it is well prepared, according to the Volkswagen Group.

Author: Mischa Ehrhardt (Frankfurt am Main)

VW share gives: Volkswagen exchanges around at central positions - Deka wants to reject special dividend .
Volkswagen reorganizes central positions in the group and exchanges its long -time chief designer. © provided by Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images Volkswagen boss Oliver Blume exchanges the long -time chief designer of the car manufacturer and reorganizes central positions in the group. Klaus Zyciora should be replaced by Michael Maurer at the beginning of the year, the chief designer of Porsche , the Wolfsburgers announced on Wednesday.

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