Reviews: DJI Mini 3 Pro: A high-flyer offer for all technology fans

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Buy DJI Mini 3 Pro: Hier bekommst du die Drohnen-Sensation zum Bestpreise © tvmovie / PR DJI mini 3 Pro: Here you get the drone sensation for best prices The new DJI drone mini 3 Pro in a strong sale

Quadcopter professional DJI recently launched a brand new mini drone with the Mini Pro 3 in May 2022-and that with huge success ! Because with numerous shops, the new DJI model is already out of print, especially in combination with the new RC controller. No wonder, because the powerful drone is the perfect accompaniment to capture the summer vacation.

Here you can buy the DJI Mini 3 Pro. Either the drone is simply not available - or you have to wait for weeks. However, the popular drone is currently available again at Amazon

for airy, light 795 euros ! So reach quickly and convince yourself of the incredible quality. In addition to Amazon, you should also keep an eye on Media Markt

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, because the dealer also has the drone in stock from time to time - whether to order or pick up in the next market.

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DJI Mini 3 Pro Remote Kit at Media Markt

also a visit to the online shop of technology expert Conrad

cannot hurt. Here your chances are good that you will still get one of the coveted drones with low delivery times. It is currently in stock for

829 euros . [Manual: 02E74F10E0327AD868D138F2B4FDD6F0: False]

DJI Mini 3 Pro Quadcopter Buy

Alternative: DJI Mini 2 and Co. The new Mini 3 Pro has a lot ahead of your predecessors in terms of performance, camera resolution, battery resolution and flight characteristics. If you don't get them today, but are looking for a new mini drone from DJI at short notice and do not want to dig as deeply into the wallet, you should take a look at the forerunners of the new model like the DJI Mini 2

. Here the availability is better and the models are sometimes even reduced! Other exciting deals:

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